The Chimpanzees in Kalinzu win a big free-day visit to Uganda. Don’t hesitate to book a tour to see Chimpanzees in Kalinzu Forest

with The Chimpanzees in Kalinzu win a big free day visit in Uganda, At any time you have a free day within areas of western Uganda, or Queen Elizabeth National Park, in Mbarara, Kabale, or Lake Bunyonyi, this tour can be done successfully.

The tour costs around $180 and again you will be picked up at the hotel. 4 hours later Kalinzu Forest emerged and jungle and tea plantations dominated the landscape. As is the case in most of Central Uganda.

Chimpanzees in Kalinzu Forest

Yes, Chimpanzees like to stay in the trees, but it always depends on what they like to feed on that very day. Therefore it is a much bigger distance between you and them. But you will be just as amazed. Apes as big as humans high up in the trees are a strange sight.

Uganda is a jewel in Africa. What we have seen in the few days was breathtaking and humbling. A nature worth preserving.

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