Frequently Asked Questions

With experience from all safari tours we have had with the numerous clients we have led to the naturally gifted Pearl of Africa (Uganda), we tried to put down a number of the MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS, you never know you could have the same questions too and this serves an answer too.

Is a visa to enter Uganda needed?

Yes! On arrival at Entebbe International Airport or at the land borders, single entry visas for tourists are so available at a cost of $50 and they usually expire after 3 months.

For which ever country that requires Visas for a ugandan to enter that specific country, Uganda as a country will also charge the same unless Visa regulations are change in any way and of course it’s an obligatory rule for you to know.


Applications should be sent to Rwandan Embassy from the visitors respective countries for processing.

In an instance where there is no Rwandan Embassy in that country, the foreign visitors seeks a visa acceptance letter online which letter they must present on there arrival accompanied with $50 for Visa processing.

Airlines to be Used;

Basically from the countries we operate in;


A number of spacious airlines land and fly off from Entebbe International Airport and these include; Ethiopian Airlines,KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Kenya Airways, Egypt Air, Fly Dubai, Turkish Airlines, Brussels Airlines, South African Airways, Fast Jet, RwandAir, South Supreme Airways, to mention but a few.


Kenya has quite a number airports, let’s look at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

These are the airlines that are currently operating: 748 air services, Airspace consortium, African Express Airways, Air Direct Connect, Fly540, Fly Sax, Kenya Airways, Great Airways, Pan African Airways, and others.


The country of several hills holds a number of excellent airlines at the Kigali International Airport. It is the main air gateway for all destinations in the country.

A number of airline are held at this Airport, and they are as follows;

Brussels Airline, Turkish Airline, Coastal Aviation, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, KLM, Qatar Airways and Rwandair.

This could be important;

While on your safari in any of the above counties, you can actually fly internally because from any point of any airports, you can get to all your safari destinations in the countries. There is a procedure to follow in case you would opt for this.

Things to pack for a safari:

Usually before i give advice on anything else, it gets to my mind first briefing my clients about the climatic weather changes here that do call for different cloths for each period.

Basically the average weather temperature is always between 25 to 27°c throughout the year.

However, from the month of March till May and October till November is when the rain season comes in, And from December to February and June to August it’s the dry season.

For the rainy season, think of creating space for; a rain jacket, rain coat, walking shoes / boots, and more other heavy warm material cloths.

And for the Dry Season;

Keep sandals in your bag too, sunglasses, light material clothes, swimsuits, a hat, light walking shoes and others due to your preference.

And other equipments you will surely need;

▪A pair of Binoculars for viewing each and every detail on animals and also watching those that keep themselves far away in the grasslands.

▪A camera; for everything you will see here, trust me you going to need a copy for future review and trust me you will need a camera. I actually call this whole safari experience a “VIEW, LEARN, ENJOY, CAPTURE ” at the end of the day it all gets back to those four words.

Best time to go on a safari:

To my experience, there is no good or bad season to go on a safari.

However much there are climate changes, each season comes with a special experience that you can’t actually get find in the other season.

I believe it’s very okay visiting anytime you feel like, be it sunny be it rainy.

Is it Easy communicating back home?
All i can say is yes. Why???

International roaming services are available for all telecom service providers.

You can actually opt to purchasing a local sim card for any for the telecom companies. However your identifications will be needed for the sim card registration.

In most for our vehicles, there is full board Wi-Fi and the same case to the lodges, hotels, and cottages where your accommodation will be facilitated.

Safari Payment Process?

We have quite a number of payment procedures in which you can place your safari payments.

You can make payment via bank direct deposit or Using Credit Card. However Credit card payments can only be following an approval.

Please note; All bank charges effected on each payment will be incurred by the client.

Carry Medical Documents with you?

You are strongly advised to move all with a list of prescriptions or documents that you know are important for your personal health.

Take all vaccinations recommended for a good health even when far away from home.

Clients should take caution that some activities may require one to be physically fit as i should say. For example; White water rafting, kayaking, mountain hikes and others.

So we always call upon clients to be extra careful and mind about their lives as they join these activities.

Country Safety:

Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya are all stable counties security wise and visitors should note be worried in anyway.

However clients should not leave valuables such a phones, laptops, cameras and others unattended to. Someone may take use of it.

Worry about nothing and come enjoy your adventurous safari, remember we do invest all needed effort to make sure you come and go back safe and sound.

These are not the only questions we do make answers to.

You could have quite a different question, always feel free to ask and guess what, an answer in no time will be sent back in reply to your question. it might be either to send an Email on or feel free to fill in the contact us Page

There is no conservation as interesting as one with instant answers.

Frequently Asked Questions
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