Kidepo Valley National Park – Africa’s True Wilderness

Kidepo Valley National Park is found in the north eastern part of Uganda just a the deep sharp corner in a district called Kaabong. This wilderness park stretches and covers an area of about 1,440 sq km.

By CNN TRAVEL, it was announced an hidden gem and a 3rd best wilderness Park in the whole of Africa. If you haven’t been to this magical place, Then you Know Nothing and indeed your missing out the best feeling of Africa’s True Wilderness.

The big game favourites namely; Elephants, Giraffes, Elands, Lions, Hyena, Cheetah and Africa’s single herd of buffalos is all seen here.

Animals and birds that are rare in other parks, will be spotted in here for example, Cheetah, Striped Hyena, Ostriches etc.

The vegetation and climate is unique, popular for the mass herds of buffaloes, Lions, Cheetahs, Ostriches and many Bird species can spotted in this magnificent place.