Mountain Gorilla Trekking & Everything you need to know

Truth be told for the Mountain Gorilla Trekking & Everything you need to know. You Can not contain the excitement at seeing the mountain gorillas 🦍 and being literally 5m away from a family of about 9 of them! You will, fortunately, be buzzing about this moment forever and a day ❤️

Mountain Gorilla Trekking & Everything you need to knowHere’s Mountain Gorilla Trekking & Everything you need to know 😃

🗺 Where? 🗺

The only places in the world you can see mountain gorillas in the wild are Uganda 🇺🇬 Rwanda 🇷🇼 and the DRC.

An alternative for Uganda is Bwindi impenetrable forest 🌳, For Rwanda is Volcanoes National Park and for DRCongo is the Virunga National Park.

✅ Best time to go ✅

Ideally in the dry season as trekking in the torrential rain can be a challenge… but also an adventurous challenge 😂

June- August, and December to February are dry seasons although be prepared anyway- it’s the forest- the weather can change at any time.

🥾 How? 🥾

When trekking, your group will be designated a couple of trackers who will go out hours before you and locate a family. You will then trek to find this family. Treks can take between 2-6 hours and as the terrain is in the forest, it can be quite challenging depending on your fitness level.

⭐️ Am I guaranteed to see them? ⭐️

I would say yes, you are 90% guaranteed to see the mountain gorillas🦍. In the forest, there are over 50 families. 22 of which are habituated meaning they are used to people and are tracked regularly. The trackers follow their whereabouts from their last sleeping nests and will be out searching before you’re awake! 😴

🙂 Is it safe? 🙂

Yes. You will have a guide, a porter if requested, and 2 armed guards. The habituated families are used to people visiting the forest every day and as long as you follow the rules and keep a distance, you should be fine ❤️

💰 How much does it cost? 💰

A lot… 😂 no seriously seeing mountain gorillas in the wild is very expensive as you need a permit to access the parks and these vary in price depending on the country.

These permit costs include your access to the park, guide/trackers/rangers.

  • Uganda 🇺🇬 – $700 USD pp
  • Rwanda 🇷🇼 – most expensive $1500 pp
  • Congo- cheapest at $400 pp per day.

Pricey but worth it? Hell yeah! ✌🏻✌🏻

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