1 Day white water rafting the Nile in Jinja Uganda, the Adventure Capital

This water rafting Experience is most lovely widely with people who want to explore the earth’s fun and Amazing facts. So perfectly on a 1 Day white water rafting the River Nile in Jinja, is one amazing experience that will leave you to wonder how this world has more fascinating things that are slowly revealed. This experience doesn’t need training experience, all you need is flexibility and exciting love time.

1 day white water rafting ugandaDetails of a White water rafting tour

This day, leave early in the morning by 6:00 am. We either drive you to Jinja the adventure capital or if you are in a group we connect you to the Transfer Bus that will lead all the rafters to the Nile Start points.

Okay on Reaching the Nile, you will have breakfast with the group with the official briefing on how to raft the Nile and have a fun time. With tips on how you will get out of trouble just in case.

So, after all, that is said, you will join the group on the safety boat and also there will be some other local kayak masters who will be lifesavers and have lots of expertise in the water experience.

This is a fun time, Adventure in the setting. Enjoy to the fullest as a must. Later on, drive back to Kampala. With Happiness Bruises.

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All-inclusive in the 1 Day White Water Rafting Uganda

  • Transportation to and from Entebbe or Kampala
  • Rafting Fees
  • Source of the Nile Fees
  • Lunch
  • English Driver Guide