Milele Children’s Foundation Community Outreach Project

Our Community Outreach Project. Helping someone in need doesn’t need one to be rich. Its the LOVE deep down in the heart that makes it all to happen. We could not be from the same families, households, but right from the communities where we come from. There are people who need support to at least help them survive. Among these people, there are children and we all know children are tomorrow’s future.

Milele Children's Foundation Community Outreach ProjectSo we wholeheartedly love supporting those children through patterning with different organisations but more so our sister organisation called Milele Children’s Foundation.

With Milele Children’s Foundation, we team up in different ways so as to reach out for these children.

“One kind word or deed can change one’s life” we might not be able to fulfil each and everyone’s needs but we try our level best so as to create a smile on one’s face.

Here are some of the ways we use to help make a difference in the lives these brother and sisters. Not only do we look at children but men and women too.

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This is the authority or power given to someone to do something.

Sometimes a person needs another person to talk to and make them believe in themselves and also believe in their God given potentials.

From your voice, mine, or another’s they can pick inspiration.

This does cover women, men and children. Here people learn about things they can do so as to help them generate money which they can use to take care of their families, keep children in school and all that.

Actually there are some people who have tried it and they do at least see a change in their lives.

Learning Skills:

A skills that sinks deep down in a person’s mind and heart is much more better than money handed to a person which money might not even be present the next day.

But once a person learns a skill, it will be part of them and they will do it over and over again.

In the communities, we have tried and still trying to help people get something they can learn. For example; a group of women that wants hair styling gets a professional hair stylist fully facilitated so as to make them learn, there is a group that does African crafts material gifts you too can purchase one time and so many other activities.

Actually in the nearby future, we want to start facilitating instrument lessons for those interested and in our reach, remember everyone has a God given talent.

Community Benefit:

Helping a few groups in a community will put a number of people out of the benefit. We also look at things that will benefit the whole community.

When a person falls sick they definitely will need some medication. We try and put in place a few things we think are important for one’s life.

In this process you find out that a number of different people are helped to live a healthier lifestyle.

Your voice, mine or someone else’s could make a difference in one’s life.

You too can be part of this, Feel free to contact us anytime.

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