choose the best safari companyHow to choose the best safari company for your Vacation in Uganda (Africa).

You made up your mind and decided to come have an Adventurous Safari Tour / Vacation in Africa, i would in another way say Africa is calling. But you haven’t discussed the tour with any travel agents, operators or company, and you would love quality services all through so as for you to enjoy your vacation. To choose the best safari company.

Oh yes!!! Read here through and see how, why, who and which can be the best choice for your Safari Tour. With these as guidelines, am sure you will choose the best safari company Wild Travel Safaris no further than the best among the many;

1. Know the Safari type you would Need;

There are quite a number of different safari types in here and it depends on what you need. And knowing what you need will help you trace which agency is best for you.

The size of your travel group or even solo travellers will all have different packages attached to different agencies, however all agencies/companies will have different packages be it for a group travel safari or for solo travellers.

How to Choose the Best Safari Company for your Vacation in Uganda (Africa).Safari types include;

A. Tailored Safaris.

Here you will have a surely private experience! Not travelling with another group all to the same destination.

You will have a full detailed itinerary with schedule covering all days of your stay and you too have control over it and can decide what to do first and what to do last all in that very day.

Such a tour can be put into consideration for special occasions like honey moons, anniversaries, loved one’s birthdays to mention but a few.

Still on this, you may decide to take on luxurious cottages, hotels for accommodation so as to fully feel the privacy and comfort you may need, your preferences and budget are used to create your itinerary covering destination, activities, accommodation, all that cover your budget.

2. Know your Budget;

Once you now know the kind of safari you may need, look and know if it fits your budget because after reading through the different type of safaris there your mind connects direct to what is in the pocket/bank or what you planned to send on the tour, and there you will of course go for the one with which your budget will cover.

Just like going to purchase something else, you will first know what you are going to buy, a car for example; knowing the very type, know its price then turn back to what you have.

choose the best safari company3. How experienced is the company?

In most cases experience matters so much. Remember experience comes along in the process of doing something over and over again. It might not actually be with how many years one has spent into something, but rather what counts is how often a person keeps doing something. You will reach all your selected destinations safely once you are with an experienced guide or operators.

How do you know???

From all previous travellers, the recommendations they make will somehow let you know how often the company or person has been in/doing in the field.

4. Are they Registered Active Members to do Tourism operations

To choose the best safari company In Uganda, Most of the Travel Agencies and Tour Companies have online operating Membership Portals Such as; Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) and Association Of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO). So one should be a member in the Tourism Ministry and Certification of registration of Uganda Companies.

5. Will your travel investment be Secure?

It’s important for you to know if your deposit will go straight to the right exact company that will cover your safari tour.

Second, before you can even deposit the initial amount, know if you will have a cover (back up) incase anything on the itinerary is not delivered or not served as earlier prescribed.

6. Incase of any Emergency, is there Support?

Anything can happen while on the travel, let’s say car breaks down. Because truth is Africa is not that easily to go through in most of its parts because things keep changing every now and then. For example construction of roads here and there.

I too believe that it gives peace of mind knowing you got back up incase anything of a kind happens.

A 24/7 support line is always available to save the situation just incase of anything.

7. Feedback from previous travellers.

You can take off time and read from other sources to know what other travellers are talking about different companies so this could give you another chance to select the best company.

8. Responsiveness of the Company.

There is a way it gives energy beginning to discuss something important with a person who is always responsive. Because however much the discuss is online, but it gets so live once one asks a question and there will be an answer for their question just a short time.

It doesn’t only save time, but also shows how serious a company is. Giving an example; imagine you sent a mail somewhere, they receive it, but take ages to talk back.

Responsiveness of a company matters too, note that.

Why choose to travel with Wild Travel Safaris and Adventures?
  • We have been bringing tourists to Africa specifically to Uganda, from Uganda to Rwanda for over 4 years.
  • We have a team of operators/guides that are well travelled who lead different groups of travellers to their selected destinations.
  • With our experience, we know exactly what you could do, where you would go have fun, adventure new things so as at the end of the day see value of your money.
  • We have a very active online platform where you can directly talk to our public relations personnel who will be at your service anytime you may need them.
  • Due to experience, we have been able to negotiate deals with our suppliers in order to see that our clients are fully covered. For example; great accommodation at nice cottages, hotels, lodged and so on.

We would surely love to bring you to Uganda(Africa), take you through it all, take you to the most amazing adventurous spots and so on. Hope you won’t select any other if not choose the best safari company Wild Travel Safaris & Adventures.

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