Where to go for MOUNTAINEERING Safaris in Uganda & Rwanda

You have probably been in Uganda for a gorilla safari in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, and the experience was one most trotters call a once in a lifetime experience for the MOUNTAINEERING Safaris in Uganda as well.

Yes, it would have been a wildlife safari in Queen Elizabeth national park that exposed you to some of the world’s most sought wildlife species; the tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector and other mammals like the buffaloes, elephants, warthogs, water bucks, Uganda kobs and many others unmentioned. Or it might have been a cultural safari that first allured you to the pearl of Africa to explore some of the 56 different ethnic tribes that dwell inside Uganda.

Yes, whatever the reason was, it was still an awesome trip in Uganda. Whether you’re a first time visitor or a seasoned traveler in Uganda, you would be asking yourself a question, “What else can I do in Uganda besides the gorillas, wildlife and culture?” Well, the solution is very simple, go mountaineering in Uganda for Adventure Experiences never imagined. Remember that no summit cannot be conquered, whether the highest mountain or the simplest hill, it all depends on the curiosity of the hikers.

Now here is a list of Uganda destinations that furnish the most striking hiking experiences in Uganda.

Where to go for MOUNTAINEERING Safaris in Uganda & Rwanda
Where to go for MOUNTAINEERING Safaris in Uganda & Rwanda
Rwenzori Mountains of the moon.

This is Uganda’s highest peak and third highest in East Africa. Comfortably positioned in Kasese district on the border of Uganda and DR Congo, Rwenzori’s highest peak Margarita stands at a height of 5109 meters above the sea level.

Summiting to the top of the mountain takes roughly 8 days, but honestly, the view at the top is worth every single step moved.  At the top you see the permanent snow that sometimes melts into flowing rivers to the lowlands. Meet several wild animals on the way to the top, walking into the wild on foot is an exclusively exciting experience.

Mountain Elgon.

It is situated in eastern Uganda on the boarder of Uganda and Kenya and a very interesting mountain to hike. Mount Elgon was once one of Africa’s highest peaks but due to continuous erosion, its heights reduced to the current height of 4321 meters above the sea level. Its peak; Waggagai shelters the world’s largest caldera that measures almost 50 by 80 kilometers. Note that Mountain Elgon is a protected national park, so hiking to its top exposes you to different wildlife like the elephants, forest monkeys, buffaloes and several other small animals.

furnishing the best mountain climbing experiences
furnishing the best mountain climbing experiences
Virunga ranges.

These are a series of volcanoes in southwestern Uganda on the border of Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Three out of the eight extinct volcanoes of Virunga can be hiked while in Uganda. Most of the trekkers prefer hiking Muhabura Mountain because it’s the highest peak at 4127 meters above the sea level. Also mountain Sabinyo is best hiked from Uganda furnishing the best mountain climbing experiences. Walking through the rugged terrain with so many craters and landscapes simply beautiful to the eyes is an experience like no other.

best abseiling adventures
best abseiling adventures
Sipi falls.

This is one of the few spots for the best abseiling adventures in Uganda. Located in Kapchorwa district in eastern Uganda, on the foothills of Mountain Elgon. Hiking to the top of Sipi falls means walking through a series of three waterfalls which are approximately 80 meters over the cliff. Hikers get nice views of the farm lands and local communities.

Surely, any hiking safari in Africa, it should head to Uganda the pearl of Africa, offering thrilling adventures yet not so strenuous. What more beats such a mountaineering trip in Uganda?

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