Lake Mutanda – The Splendor of Kisoro in Uganda

Lake Mutanda the Splendor of Kisoro in Uganda, Heavens came-down and  glory filled Kisoro highlands! The splendor and grand-design of this piece of the planet gives a glimpse into what heaven could look like. It is indeed breathtaking, picturesque and soul-replenishing. One would nominate it for the Biblical Garden of Eden.

lake mutanda Lake Mutanda, The Splendor of Kisoro in Uganda
Views of Lake Mutanda & Mutanda Resort

A litany of superlatives cannot suffice to give this place a description that it duly deserves. It is simply magnificent and insanely spectacular! I am talking about Lake Mutanda and the panoramic view this pristine lake commands.

The Lake is Situated about 20 kms north of Kisoro and covers an expansive area of about 22sqkms. This placid lake is charmingly decorated by 15 islands that nature intelligibly scattered within its fresh waters.

A lush vegetation and shrubs crown the natural beauty of the lake on its respective shores.  Sitting on the foothills of the great Virunga Ranges, This Lake is only drained by River Rutshuru that flows northward to lake Edward along the Albertine Rift.

This serene lake is a haven for various avian, aquatic and semi-aquatic creatures. Avid bird watchers can look-out for great cormorants, pied kingfishers, grey crowned crested cranes, various species of sunbirds, Ibis and Malachite Kingfishers among others. Other permanent residents include snakes, chameleons, monitor lizards, several frog-species and the African Clawless Otter. This lake once hosted Hippos, records have it that they were last seen in the early 90s.

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