We always meet the Banded Mongoose almost every single day in the parks. What do you know about them?

Briefly i will start thanking everyone who takes his partial time to read through out our Blog; Am pretty sure you also know its exciting and real nature feelings are brought out. So today we are to detail out on the Banded Mongoose am pretty sure, its seen meandering almost everywhere in the savannas of africa.

What do you know about Banded Mongoose?
“Meet the Banded Mongoose”

All you should know about the Banded Mongoose in Uganda

Social behavior

They are highly social animals that live in packs of 4-50 individuals or even more.

Within the pack, there’s a dominant male and female. Hierarchy is highly respected that the more members you have on your side, the higher the status or say in decision making . This is achieved by grooming in males (young males grooming adults of the higher status so as to win their trust and establish a close relationship) and competition of producing young ones in females. ( the more the babies you have the more influential you become)

Feeding habits

Their diet mostly consists of snakes, Beatles, eggs of other animals, rats and many more.


They deliver an average of 3 or more pups after every 3 months and at times 3 and half.

Surprisingly, most of the babies are born on the same day in a pack! This is because of low ranking females spying on the high ranked ones to avoid their babies getting killed if they deliver first.

There are as well guardians that take over responsibility from mothers of the pups after 3-4 weeks. Most of the teenage therefore grow when attached more to the guardians than their maternal parents.

Life span

Life span favors men which is an average of 12 years and females 8.it is so, because of the high stress that the females are always involved during Simultaneous deliveries to promote their ranks. This in turn weakens their body system .

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