A look at some of the most Poisonous Snakes we have in Uganda.

Uganda is diverse with a range of different landscape, so we summary briefly point out some of the expected Most Poisonous Snakes that we have in Uganda

A look at some of the Most Poisonous Snakes we have in Uganda

1: Gaboon Viper

This is one is mainly found in forests and grasslands. It rarely bites but when it does the effects are fatal.They release very large quantities of poison.

2: The Jameson’s Mamba

This one is slender and green, usually found on trees. They are rarely seen but are quite dangerous, symptoms of their bites include difficulties in speaking and breathing. You will also notice destruction of body tissues at the site of the bite.

3: Black Mamba

The inside of the mouth is black hence the name “Black mamba”. They are rare in Uganda, very slender and shy and mainly found on the ground and trees. Symptoms of the bites include speaking and breathing difficulties.

4: Forest Cobra

It is usually brown color and a very good swimmer, mainly found in and around water, can also be found high in the trees. It usually lifts its head and strikes quickly. Symptoms include dizziness, difficulties in speech and breathing etc

5: Black Necked Spitting Cobra

This is one is very common in Uganda. Mainly found near rivers and streams. It rarely bites and often spits out poison that is very irritating to the skin but does not kill humans. When it bites the symptoms include dizziness, speech and breathing difficulties etc

6: Puff adder

This one is very strong and aggressive. Mainly found on the ground in different parts of Uganda even in over populated areas like Kampala. Symptoms of it’s bites include excessive bleeding and destruction of tissues on area bitten.

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