Nkuringo Gorilla Group in Safe and Stable after it’s lost of Rafiki the Dorminat Silverback

*Nkuringo: safe and stable**. It had to be Nkuringo. Concerns had been raised about the stability of this group after it lost a silverback-Rafiki recently.

From the drop off point, we took about 1 hour to Kihinje buffer zone , where we found the heath family feeding.The group of 11 individuals is intact with 4 black backs and 3 infants. It was fascinating to watch Furaha, one of the mothers adjust the position of the baby while moving and feeding . The other females were less concerned with our presence. The family has since settled under the leadership of Lwamutwe, the dominant black back. But Tabu and other two black backs are ready to help.The morning trackers had left them within the same area yesterday .

Interestingly, there are two more families in the area, namely Christmas and Bishabo, which can be tracked from here, in addition to another group under habituation. With 3 tractable families, we are ready to go.

Prior to this the staff at Gorilla Safari Lodge gave their best experience to one man visitor. Their response was swift but like the neigbour Rushaga gorilla camp, there is no real business till primate parks are open and international travel eased.

We moved with UPDF colleagues, that usually give support when needed.The road leading Nkuringo from Ruhija was smooth, since it had been recently graded. No usual speeding traffic on the otherwise winding roads on the tough terrain of Kigezi.Please enjoy the nkuringo experience with me