Why choose to Travel with Wild Travel Safaris? This is a common question always asked in minds and silence.

Why Travel with Wild Travel Safaris We are Ugandan licenced ground handlers and tourism operators. We are licenced by the government of Uganda and we pay taxes with effective licences with the Uganda Ministry of Uganda Tourism and Trade as well as active Members of Tourism organisations; like the Uganda Wildlife Authority Uganda Tourism Board and Associations Uganda Tour Operators.

Why choose to travel with Wild Travel Safaris and Adventures?
Beatrice Cindea from California with a Ugandan Flag

We are gladly happy to say that when choosing to travel with wild Travel Safaris and Adventures, we opt for the best services and are so much passionate about the world’s development and maintaining sustainable Tourism Development in Uganda. Check out the listed entities below which make us one of the most famous Travel companies in Uganda.

We Know Uganda, and we know East Africa at Large we live in Uganda and work in Uganda and we ahead go on to attract more visitors to Uganda through the upgrading technology as we take on pride to introduce tourists to Uganda.

Never Been a disappointment to our Tourists / Clients

We have been bringing tourists to Africa specifically to Uganda, throughout East Africa from Uganda to Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania for over the last 3 active years. Generally, we started as Uganda Tourist Guides. So we ended up making an interface to bring out the online platform to encourage more travellers to Uganda

Our Office and Drive Guide, Happily Rule the Success of the Tour

We have a team of operators/guides that are well-trained with basic formal guiding skills. That has guided different groups of travellers to their selective desired destinations in Uganda and East Africa at Large.

Why Travel with Wild Travel Safaris and Adventures for an African Safari?Smiley Cooperativeness of our Guides and our lovely Clients.

Our Ground Guides are so informative, cooperative, ever-smiling, kind and loving. And with such an Expert, expect nothing less than having a good time all through your stay here with Us.

Excellence Experience in retrieving queries and organising itineraries

With our experience, we know exactly what you could do, where you would go have fun, and adventure new things so as at the end of the day see the value of your money.

24/7 hours active Online Platform

We have a very active online platform where you can directly talk to our public relations personnel who will be at your service anytime you may need them.

Why Travel with Wild Travel Safaris and Adventures for an African Safari?Giving Back to Support a Life in Education

When you confirm a trip with Us, Some of what you call profits that we gain. This money is given out to A Child in Uganda who Cannot Help themselves with Further Studies. So many Children at Home can’t Have the best because of Many Unknown Circumstances. So here we come up with a Child Life Support for the Needy. Email us: at wildtravelsafaris@gmail.com to Know more about this programme.

Durable with great welcoming safari lodges

Due to experience, we have been able to negotiate deals with our suppliers in order to see that our clients are fully covered. For example; great accommodation at nice cottages, hotels, lodges and so on.

With the information given to you all above, your search for the best travel company will become a bit simplified.

We would surely love to bring you to Uganda(Africa), take you through it all, take you to the most amazing adventurous spots and so on.

Hope you won’t select any other if not Wild Travel Safaris.

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