Warthogs live in grassland, because they have adapted to life there. They look like pigs, therefore they come from a class of pigs. Warthogs are wonderful wild animals to study, therefore a lot of tourists like viewing them. Let us look at some of the facts about warthogs, so that we can know their behaviours.

(1)They are omnivores.

They come from class of omnivores, therefore they like eating grass. They can also eat meat, so they don’t depend one type of food. They have a big advantage over other wild animals, because most of them eat only one type of food. Wathogs can survive easily, because they can switch to any available food.

(2)They like to roll on mud.

All warthogs like to roll on mud, so that they can protect their skin from sunlight. They fear direct light from sunshine, therefore they always roll on mud. All animals have their protective styles, and they usually use them. 

They sleep in burrows.

Warthogs sleep in burrows at night, and they don’t have burrows of their own. They like stealing burrows, and they sleep underground in burrows. Their child always enter fort into the burrow, so that they can protect them from danger.

(3). They have tusks like elephant.

Warthogs have tusks on their upper and lower Jaws, and they fight enemies with them. They can kill their enemies with them, because the tusks are firmly held on their skins.

(4) They have long life span.

Warthogs can live for a very long time, so they are able to reach seventeen years of age. Some wild animals have a shorter lifespan, therefore they don’t live for a very long time.

(5)They are tough.

Warthogs can easily adapt to any climate, therefore they can go without water for several months. They can easily survive on dry seasons, while many wild animals can’t survive on dry seasons.
(6)The warthog is said to be so forgetful that when chased by a predator it can stop midway, after forgetting why it was running in the first place! If you get to interact with locals on an African safari and hear someone being likened to the warthog, it’s likely to be about their forgetfulness