black headed weaver
black headed weaver

Know about the black headed weaver, One interesting Bird with a beautiful Nest in Uganda.

The black headed weaver. Did you know? These are also known as Village weavers and yellow backed weavers.

Black headed weaver is a member of the large family weavers found in the sub saharan african region.

These are well known for the construction of very complex grass nests.

Just like any other bird would be, the Village Weaver has common things noted onto it. Sometime a person who has read about them can use identify them even without seeing them physically.

This could be through their, sound, nests and so much more as seen below:

  • Village weavers are social birds and highly noise makers.
  • These birds are mostly found in the sub saharan african region, that’s to say; west, central and eastern Africa.
  • They mostly feed on insects, seeds, nectar and fruits.
  • The black headed weavers inhabit in a variety of habitats as listed; wetlands, woodlands, etc.
  • They do nest in large groups. For Example, In a tree there will be over 150 nests.
  • The male weavers are responsible for building the nests so as to attract females.
  • The nest is round and the entrance is created at the bottom of the nest and it take about 8 hours for the male to build the nest.
  • The female weaver lays 2 to 4 eggs on which she sits and incubates for 14 days.
  • On hatching, the mother weaver will fully be responsible for feeding and protecting the young weavers.

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