Female Baboon
A Mother Olive Female Baboon in Ishasha “Queen Elizabeth Park”

See how the Female Baboon was extending her love to its little treasure, giving her attention!

The way humans are so attached to their families, it happens here too. (Wildlife Love). There will always be mother-baby time no matter what comes in a day. Know these about baby baboon (infant) and her mother.

After a gestation period of 6 months, the mother gives birth to a helpless infant, furred and eyes open. For the first number of weeks, the infant rides on the mother’s stomach or on the chest and will later turn to riding on her back after a short period of time.

In rearing of the infants, mother baboons or Female Baboons are so cooperative and they are so protective that they will even treat their babies friends as their very own babies.

You will even most times the see adult mother giving practical lessons to the young ones. For example at playing, climbing and running all through in the evergreen forests.

The infants are quick learners and are extremely intelligent. The mother will groom her female baby in a possible social and cultural way.

The baboon society is matrilineal in nature.

This literally means that the mothers, daughters and grandmothers will stay together for a lifetime.

The infant mostly spends time with her peers. While sticking together, they will play all around as the mothers keep a side to watch over them, hence protecting them from predators.

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