Imagine you met an Injured Animal on your way while in the wild, what would you do???

What would you do if you met an injured animal? Let’s say, You are out on a game drive or nature walk, you come across this sad, orphaned, helpless, injured and begging to be rescued wild animal.

What would you do if you met an Injured Animal?
Game Drive in Murchison Falls

I truthfully know you would be thinking and wanting to save its life. Please, before you take any step to helping that animal, these are some of the things you should know and also put into consideration.

1: Do not touch it

Some animals will surely be dying off at the moment you could find them, put it in your mind some animals can bite you while you think it’s dying. For example chimpanzees.

Touching the animal would call upon other groups of the same animal to attack you thinking you would cause harm to them.

2: Call Wildlife Authorities / Park Authorities

Do not think of doing anything else before calling the wildlife authorities or the Park rescue team. This is a wonderful opportunity to use it and act on it. These are trained teams that can really handle these animals with care more than us who only go to visit them. A heart felt with love of animals would not really love to see animals suffer, but please don’t think of rushing to the animal intending to rescue it, please get your phone and call out for the experts.

3: Do not feed it

Remember i said don’t touch the animal in danger. You could think that maybe giving it edible of drinks could put it back in proper life shape and end up causing more harm. I would still say; Don’t touch it, call the experts.

4: Do not think of keeping it as a pet:

Not only is keeping wild animals as pets illegal in some areas, its unsafe as well. Wild animals do belong to the wild. Thinking of taking it as a pet, keep in mind that they can surely turn up making an attack on you.

You could possibly have read about several stories over the internet where several wild animals took in a pets turn to their keepers and caused harm to them. You don’t really need to be in the lineage of such stories. Please don’t think of keeping wild animals as pets.

5: Do not think the Animal is Orphaned

Naturally when a baby keeps growing, the more she goes far from mummies side. Just like humans, animals too have a tendency to leaving their young ones be on their own. So incase you do find a little animals on its own, don’t think that maybe she lost her mother, or she is homeless. In the process of leaving these growing baby animals do things on their own, mothers don’t usually keep themselves far away! Just a few meters watching. Do u know what could happen next??? Attacking you. The mother won’t think you want babysit her baby.

Whenever a person has guidelines while going in a new country or territory, things get interesting for them just because they know the Do’s and Don’ts. Just like playing a game, once you know the rules you will definitely win. Looking forward to seeing you in Uganda.

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