Why Visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC)

Why Visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC). Uganda is one country with almost 25% of its total space area covered with beautiful flora, forming a home to almost all of the world’s most amazing wildlife.

Living deep in the hidden impenetrable forests of Uganda, mountains and vast landscapes harboring several wildlife species, with some even endemic to only the country, a wildlife safari in Uganda would be a perfect African adventure.

The fact that the most beautiful wildlife of Uganda is comfortably dwelling in her ten national parks, located in the far corners of the country, travelers with limited time might miss out on the beautiful goddesses and handsome guys in the jungle.

Why Visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC)

However, if you ever find yourself in the pearl of Africa, with limited time, yet you still want to explore the vast wildlife species of Uganda, consider visiting the Uganda Wildlife Education center. A wildlife center that gives a perfect summary for Uganda’s wildlife species.

Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) is one of the exciting and fun places in Uganda to watch and learn about the wildlife of the country and the ecosystem they dwell in. The center furnishes opportunities for travelers to learn how the animals eat, play and talk.

Dating back to the 1950s, UWE was founded to lodge the confiscated and injured wildlife and the orphaned animals that were taken away from the smugglers. First it was gazetted as a zoo but it has grown considerably in the recent years.

We cannot call Uganda Wildlife Education Center a zoo and neither a safari park, but rather a center that combines both wildlife education and leisure. Its major aim is to be the main city ecosystem of the country where visitors get to observe so many of the most exciting indigenous species without going too far to the remote areas of Uganda.

At Uganda Wildlife Education Center, visitors come across free ranging Vervet monkeys and DeBrazza monkeys in the forest. More than 120 bird species call UWEC a home, including the famous African fish eagle, the Great Blue Turaco, Hammerkops, Giant Kingfisher and even the smallest sun birds plus so many others.

Have never known of a visitor at UWEC who never saw the giraffe, lion, cheetah, leopard, Ostrich, donkeys, and horses among others. Still primates like the Black and white colobus monkeys, chimps, olive baboons, patas monkey and so on can be spotted while at UWEC. Reptiles like the Nile crocodile, African rock python, Mash terrapin, Gaboon viper and the Egyptian Cobra cannot be missed.

The Uganda Wildlife Education Center location is on the shoreline of Lake Victoria makes it an ideal place for relaxation. Having completed two to three hours wandering in the forest, travelers can now relax at the beach. Those interested in swimming can still swim in the waters of the largest freshwater lake in Africa, such a once in a lifetime experience.

Today, UWEC carried on more different wildlife conservation initiatives in Uganda. It is a center in a lot in such one spot, the wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, veterinary hospital services and a captive breeding for endangered species of the country. The center also provides opportunities for several conservation education, volunteering and internship programs for both Ugandans and foreigners.

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