5 Things You Shouldn’t Travel to Uganda Without!

The Best Never thought of 5 Things You Shouldn’t Travel to Uganda Without not only on Safari, even on a Meer visit to the Country Cities. Meanwhile, don’t always Forget your Common Sense, Park it along.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Travel to Uganda Without!

#1 Headlamp

Power cuts are frequent occurrences in Uganda, but my Black Diamond headlamp saved the day every time!

#2 East Africa Lonely Planet –

A top guidebook recommendation for its maps and accommodation recommendations in Uganda.

#3 Hiking Boots –

If you want to trek to see any primates, hiking boots are a must in this slippery, muddy rainforest terrain. Keen Targhee II are a top pair of boots, ideal for Uganda.

#4 Rain Jacket –

A thin, light , breathable rain jacket is an absolute must for Uganda travel as it rains a lot in this tropical climate! Columbia do a great range for women.

#5 Insect Repellent –

Malaria is a real risk in Uganda, so protect yourself with at least a 30% DEET product.

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