The Tree Climbing Lions in Uganda Ishasha Sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park

Why do Lions Climb Trees? Where are the Tree Climbing Lions in Uganda? It is really not a common thing for Lions to climb trees. In the whole world, you’ll find not more than two populations of these tree climbing Lions.

One of these populations is found within the Ishasha sector which is found in the south part of the well known Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. The other population is found in Lake Manyara National Park in the Southern part of Tanzania.

The Tree Climbing Lions in Uganda Ishasha Sector of Queen ElizabethWhat makes lions to climb trees? There could be several possible reasons for this field phenomenon.

Truly, Lions are big Cats (Cat-Like) with claws just the same like domestic and wild cats not only Lions climb tree but also other animals such as Leopards do.

Back to the question! Why do Lions climb trees???
  1. It is believed that the lions climb trees in order to cool off from the too much heat on the ground. The lions are normally seen lying on branches from the early afternoon.
  2. Some lions lay themselves in the trees in order to find themselves an uninterrupted resting time.
  3. The Tree Climbing Lions in Uganda Ishasha Sector of Queen ElizabethLions also climb tree in order to get a clear monitoring view over their prey. Remember once its up in the trees, he can spot all moves of its prey without being easily noticed. Lions love eating antelopes, buffalos and many more others.
  4. However much do Lions love keeping themselves in the trees, you will never at any moment see a lion in the trees when it’s raining or even immediately after raining this is because they fear slipping off from the wet branches.
  5. It is further believed, that these tree climbing lions climb trees to protect themselves against the ferocious bites of tsetse flies and other insects that are so many on the ground.
  6. Being the king and Queen of the Jungle, It is further believed that the tree climbing lions in Uganda climb tree so as to have a wider and clear view of their territories. While up in the trees, they are able to see all invading lions or other deadly enemies the Hyenas from a distance.

The Tree Climbing Lions in Uganda Ishasha Sector of Queen ElizabethAmong the places commonly known for the tree climbing lions, the Ishasha region in Uganda makes it one of the Top safari points and top tourist destinations in the Pearl of Africa.

Who wouldn’t really want to see the tree climbing lions. The tree climbing lions in Uganda can be seen on game drives along the various tracks that criss cross the sector.

Thinking of how you can get there?

Getting to Ishasha can be by Air or road. There is an airstrip in the region and you can fly from the Entebbe airport straight to the Ishasha region.

Opting to use Road transport, you can use the route from Mweya and Katunguru (along the Mbarara-Kasese road) just before the Kazinga channel bridge.

It is about 70 km (2 hrs drive) a long a bumpy dirt road. Although the road is manageable during the dry season (December – February and June -September), a 4×4 vehicle is recommended during the rainy season (March – May, October – November).

Ishasha can also be accessed from the Bwindi side through Kihihi town.

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