The Nile Delta in Murchison Falls Park, One Exciting Place to Visit in Uganda.

One the most exciting places to visit in Uganda is the Nile Delta where the great river flows into Lake Albert after passing through the spectacular Murchison Falls. My wife and I frequently camp out there in the bush. It’s one of the most exciting ways to experience Uganda’s natural beauty and wildlife.

The Nile Delta in Murchison Falls Park, One Exciting Place to Visit in Uganda.

The delta is where thousands of animals make their way each evening and morning to drink water before heading back inland to graze. At the delta you will find hippos, cape buffalo, Ugandan kob, waterbuck, bushbuck, giraffe, Jacksons heartbeast, elephants, and many others in the evening and also just after sunrise, all gathered at the water’s edge. The sounds at night are amazing too, with hippos grunting and lions roaring nearby!

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) allows bush camping right on the Delta but requires you to have an armed park ranger with you, as there are no fences and nothing between you and the wildlife. Rangers are arranged by phone, or in person at the UWA information office near the Parra ferry terminal on the north side of the Nile, which is 32 km from the Delta. The ranger will also collect firewood and maintain a campfire all night long, and they are also very knowledgeable of wildlife and can be a wonderful asset to have with you as you observe Uganda’s wildlife.

Your campsite will be right be in center of this wildlife long after all the tourists leave at sunset and well before they arrive back from their distant lodges. Usually you will be alone, with the nearest tourist site over 30 km away. It is simply amazing.

Note: Remember, you must bring your own 4×4 vehicle, camping gear, and water. Also, note that the park rangers receive no compensation from the park to stay with you. They receive none of the fees you paid. If you are happy with their service, please kindly tip them well.

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