How do you tell the difference between a Leopard Cheetah and Jaguar?

The difference between a Leopard, Cheetah and Jaguar. Well Starting with the cheetah best known as the world’s fastest land mammal, this is how it can best be described
How do you tell the difference between a leopard cheetah and jaguar?A Cheetah
With a small head, brown eyes with Black Tear Marks extending up to the gape, it has small Black spots all over the whole body and its longer than the Leopard although its smaller in size. Secondly its not solitary like the leopard and the jaguar
Leopards are big muscular cats highly solitary with black marks spread all over the body with no black tear marks rolling off its eyes. Leopard has no tear mark on its face, with its sports called rosettes and has a bigger head than a cheetahs, a cheetah is relatively smaller in size with a small head with a tear mark on its face along the nose edges. A Jaguar has a long straight mark on its bark that runs from its neck to the tail.
Jaguar are South American Continental Cats bigger than both the leopard and the cheetah with black and brown big spots, with a very big Head and elongated Canine teeth making them have the strongest bite of the cat family. Contact Us Today

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