A Brief Note about Vultures in Uganda

Lappet Vulture It has a powerful bill and grip and is always the first to tear the flesh to pave way for the other vultures to feed.

A Brief Note about Vultures in Uganda

Among the so many vultures, there is respect for hierarchy and that’s why the Lappet feeds first, and Hooded vulture that arrives early to protect the meal from Hyenas and other scavengers

  • A group of vultures is called a kettle, committee or wake.
  • Kettle is for vultures in flight
  • Committee for vultures on the ground or on trees and wake for vultures feeding.
  • Did you also know that vultures use urine to warm themselves when it’s cold.

They do this by urinating on themselves to keep warm, just like how humans in cold zones like Russia use whisky to warm up, they either smear it or drink it.

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