Did you know that Uganda is the Best Destination for end of year conferences

Knowing that Uganda is the Best Destination for end of year conferences. Unfortunately, most conferences are considered a hard reset, a symposium that needs delegates to be so serious with acquiring information and being so diplomatic all the way from the start of the journey.

Probably this is because that is what bosses would want to see us do to prove our business worth. But Conferences are just little mental vacations that give chances to visit interesting places for a couple of days. Giving one room to rest, refresh and get new ideas and perspectives. They are not just about assemblies of people arguing about how to conduct an argument, but also an awesome time to experience a new places.

There are several conferences going on all over the world in different sectors, the challenge is to choose the best place with a perfect conference environment. The one that is not challenging because the delegate experience is very experience.

Uganda is the Best Destination for end of year conferencesTours and Safaris

Although most people travel for gorilla safaris in Uganda, perhaps most of the travelers come to the country for its wildlife, misty mountains, beautiful landscapes covered with both impenetrable forests and sprawling savannas, freshwater lakes and people so unique and hospitable, all defining the term “pearl of Africa.”

10 Uganda National Parks

However Uganda is also perfectly good for end of year conferences. The country is blessed with 10 national parks that have a pure environment to brighten up one’s mind for fresh ideas. Imagine a meeting that ends with a game drive to see the wildlife in Queen Elizabeth national park like elephants, buffaloes, waterbucks, lions, warthogs among others. Or a meeting that sits in the evening around a campfire to discuss how the company is to move forward the coming year.

Uganda is the Best Destination for end of year conferencesA Variety of Lodges and Hotels

Besides the national parks, Uganda also has several hotels with nice conference rooms that can accommodate from 10 people to more than 200 people. The hotels range from luxury, midrange to budget. Even if just few hotels can accommodate huge number of participants, still hotels like Sheraton, Serena, Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo, Pearl of Africa, Africana and Protea hotels can never fail any conference.

Beautiful Cities

Uganda’s major towns of Kampala, Entebbe and Jinja are currently hosting more than 1000 high level conferences a year. Just like other countries, Uganda is also looking at meetings, incentives, conferences and events (MICE) to attract more visitors and generate more foreign exchange.

The year 2007 was the general eye opener for Uganda’s MICE sector when it hosted the Commonwealth of Government Meeting (CHOGM) which was also attended by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with over 4000 other international delegates. This also led to an expansion of more prominent accommodation facilities in and around Kampala Uganda’s capital.

Wide Range of Transportation

About transportation, Uganda has a wide range of transportation options to transfer delegates from one place to the other. Vehicles range from luxury cars, midrange and huge comfortable vans. Even private chartered flights are possible, whichever mode of transport chosen is sufficient.

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