Best African Countries for Family Vacations

Best African Countries for Family Vacations are always the perfect time to connect with loved ones, get to explore other cultures together, creating lifelong memories. All over the world are destinations presenting amazing holiday travel holidays filled with extraordinary experiences that can surely thrill every member of the family.

However, of all the destinations, tourism experts can bet that Africa furnishes the best family trips. It’s the continent where you get to see the beloved creatures that stirred a series of Disney movies. Enjoy the excellent settings, praiseworthy dining and superb services summing into a one health fun package at prices that won’t strain your pockets.

Most travelers are afraid of traveling with their families, but there is no way one can miss out on anything while on family holidays in Africa.

Africa’s plenty of attractions can please everyone; mom, dad, grandparents and also the children. Its diverse variety of nature presents a rich setting for families to reconnect with each other as well as kids learning about nature and different cultures.

So if anyone ever thought of having Best African Countries for Family Vacations, the following destinations should be first considered.

Probably on every mention of a family travel in africa, Namibia should be the first country to be thought of. It is one of the most peaceful countries where travelers don’t have to worry about safety when traveling with kids. Instead of taking kids to theme parks or play on the beaches and dive in the
swimming pools, opt for a more adventurous family road trip to Namibia. Besides Namibia being peaceful and less populated, it’s also safe from malaria in the tourist areas and no yellow fever in the country. So family travelers don’t need to take malaria pills or to get vaccinations against yellow fever in order to travel to Namibia.

Also the fact that Namibians can speak English, families on vacations can swiftly move to different destinations without so much facing the problem of language barrier, however they can still meet new cultures and languages.

Visit Sossusvlei and see the most photographed place in Namibia and its red sand, Etosha national park for exclusive wildlife encounters, Spitzkoppe to view the group of granite peaks that rose dramatically from the dry plains, sea lions at Cape cross and many other amazing destinations.

Best African Countries for Family VacationsSouth Africa

It is a child friendly country, definitely one of the best choices for family holidays in Africa. Several destinations offer supreme facilities for children in a way that upholds family values. The excellent weather, beautiful scenery, varsity of activities, good road infrastructure for self-drives and
accommodation that suits a good budget all make the country a prime destination for family travel.

Most families just want a safari in south in South Africa or a beach stay, but there is a lot more than that. Visit the great Cape town and have boat rides into the bay, Hermanus for exclusive whale watching, Little Karoo to try the Cango caves adventure, Drakensberg mountains, Durban and the Dolphin coast plus many other destinations that will excite the whole family.


Undeniably, it is one of the best destinations for family trips in Africa. It is perfectly family friendly, it has exact places for adults to rest and relax as children play on the beach and enjoy water activities and sports. Holiday vacations in Mozambique introduce families to various cultures and wildlife and reconnection of the family members as they enjoy the adventures that the country holds.

Besides that, the direct flights from UK to Maputo makes the transition process very easy for a family group especially with kids. Visit the Inhambane long beaches to view the whale sharks and manta rays,
Bazaruto Archipelago tropical islands for diving and game fishing and Maputo the bustling capital of Mozambique as well as many other destinations.

Best African Countries for Family VacationsKenya

This is a wonderful destination for families. All family members need to be vaccinated from yellow fever and also be with anti-malaria pills. However this does not hinder the thrill of a family safari in Kenya, and when it comes to little ones, you might be spoilt by choices of what to do with them in Kenya.

Its easy accessibility in terms of travel also makes a perfect destination for family vacations in Africa. Venture the Masai Mara and western Kenya for sights of the wildebeests, the southern rift valley for scenic variety and child friendly parks, plus beach holidays for stunning diving and many others. For a family tour, indeed the magical Kenya can never fail you.

Best African Countries for Family VacationsUganda

Family Safaris in Uganda are definitely a kind of adventure all family members would be glad they went on. It’s always a great way of discovering the magic of Uganda’s wanders with the closest people to our hearts.

It is a peaceful country that Uganda safaris go to all regions of the country with a full guarantee of safety, so travelling with kids here isn’t daunting as its sounds like. Visit Kampala’s closest park Lake Mburo national park, Queen Elizabeth for elegant game drives to view various wild animals like
buffalos, elephants and tree climbing lions as well as a boat cruise on the famous kazinga channel.

Also venture into Uganda’s cultures on a family trip in Uganda. Not forgetting a short city tour in Kampala exposes kids to amazing attractions like the Uganda museum, Namugongo martyrs’ shrine and the famous malls of Kampala. Still a trip to Ssese islands is a perfect plot for families on holidays in Uganda.


Trips in Zambia are definitely among the families’ favorites when it comes to African holiday safaris. It is a home to the largest waterfall in the world with a wide range of wildlife species in its huge national parks, precious gemstones and other attractions. All these, obviously just guarantee an awesome family trip in Zambia.

With 19 national parks and game drives, Zambia offers a numerous ways of reconnecting with each other as well as enjoying the stay in Africa’s wilderness. Have striking game drives to sight the big game animals, nature walks and canoeing safaris for an experience got once in a lifetime.

Don’t miss the mighty Victoria falls; the largest waterfall in the world, see the Zambezi river, Livingstone museum filled with missionary and explorers’ memorabilia exhibits plus other stunning destinations that will take your breath away. For family trips in Zambia can never go wrong.

Also safaris in Botswana, Zanzibar and Seychelles, are just perfect plots that cannot disappoint your family. Indeed if it’s an African family trip, and not in any of the above countries, its right to say that the trip is not worth every single step to the destination.

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