10 Tips on How to Plan and Explore a Memorable Road Trip in Uganda

The best way to explore destinations in Uganda is by Road Trip in Uganda. This is not just about getting to a site, but rather a journey that bonds companions together with detours and adventures summing into lifelong memories.

Road Trip in Uganda

Probably all Uganda Safaris have taken visitors for gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park or wildlife viewing in Queen Elizabeth national park. Perhaps some lucky tourists have also visited Kidepo valley national park in the northern sector of Uganda. Yes, all these are amazing safaris that stimulate curiosity and nerves, But what about a Road Trip to Uganda? That without specific planned destinations?

With the improving Road network in the country, the possibilities for Road trips in Uganda are increasing too. Almost all parts of the country can now be accessed in at least a day. However, before you start the adventure on the road, or pack that suitcase in the boot, to drive off toward the horizon, a few simple things should be considered.

1: Planning ahead.

If you are to use a local tour operator, this is the time to choose the best tour operator in Uganda. And if it’s an individually operated tour in Uganda, plan the road trip route, with the attractions that are likely to catch your attention. Consider the distance and the travel time on the various routes and confirm that the vehicle to be used can handle the road conditions.

2: Pack appropriately.

It’s very vital to carry essential tool kits containing all tire-changing tools, engine coolants, emergency cones, and a flashlight torch. It’s also important to pack personal things like simple clothes for changing, shoes, and containers to keep some spare food and water that would be needed on the way. A backpack is preferably recommended to easier the frequent loading and off-loading each time you are getting off the vehicle.

3: Travel with essential travel documents.

Ensure that you move with your national identity card if you are a Ugandan resident, if a foreigner, and move with a valid passport and other important identification documents. Also, make sure that you have all the car papers; vehicle insurance, driving permit, and car registration documents before starting the Uganda road trip. If it’s a cross-border trip, you are required to have the cross-border documents to allow you to cross to another country.

4: Start early.

The fact Because night driving is usually challenging, it’s always better to travel during day time. This gives travelers to drive at their own pace without speeding which may cause unnecessary risks. This also gives visitors all the flexibility to explore all the destinations that catch their eye even if it wasn’t originally on their plan.

5: Keep cash handy.

This is to clear the small bills that would be necessary on the trip. The toll booths, small restaurants, and tips to local guides cannot be done on an electronic card. This is why you need cash handy for small changes and balances.

6: Pick the best stopovers.

What would be a road trip without any stopovers? They are the adventurous stops that sum into a memorable trip in Uganda. Don’t ignore the en route destinations in the bid to reach the final destination early. It’s the small sites that hide the most beautiful treasures of the country. So if on the way to Bwindi’s impenetrable national park, don’t ignore visiting Igongo cultural center in Mbarara, the experience here also counts a lot on your gorilla safari in Uganda.

7: Travel time.

It’s advisable that travelers on road trips in Uganda should drive by sunrise and park at sunset. Experience the special moments of watching the world wake up while on the road. Early movements beat the traffic jam and also reduce the risks that would come with riding at night like thugs, wildlife attacks plus fatal accidents.

8: Choose the appropriate accommodation.

On any road trip, you need a comfortable room for a nice sleep yet on a budget basis. It’s better for trotters to stay along the way to avoid long distant branch-offs from the main road.

9: Number of hours to travel or drive each day.

Just like earlier written, Uganda is not yet safe to the extent of driving safely at night, it’s better you travel during day time. Predetermine the number of hours you will drive in a day. Most road trip trotters prefer driving one long day followed by a short day before driving another long journey. But the most important aspect is being flexible once the trip starts.

10: Try local guides.

In any strange land, local guides are always better since they are with all the reliable information that all travelers would need about a destination. Yes, the internet has helped to locate all the beautiful destinations, but local guides know all the hidden spots and use them for a funnier and more memorable safari in Uganda.

Doubtlessly, a traveler can never be fully prepared for an Uganda safari, however, such small tips can guide you on how to have the best Road Trip in Uganda.

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