Some and Best Things that perfectly define Africans in their Mutual Acts and Rituals!

We are africans and never be amazed when you find one doing the listed Things that perfectly define Africans below and get irritated. We are one day looking forward for a life developmental country like the USA, London and other Countries.

Things that perfectly define Africans

So the following list highlights some of the Things that perfectly define Africans Nationalities,
  1. Urinating behind the Latrine.
  2. Wife sleeping next to the wall.
  3. Keeping brooms behind the door.
  4. When you get rich, people say you have a snake
  5. When you take shower,they ask where you want to go.
  6. Keeping some plates,cups and spoons aside specifically for visitors.
  7. Counting pieces of meat!
  8. No natural death in Africa……your enemy is always the cause.
  9. Counting money after withdrawing it from the ATM.
  10. Marrying a beautiful woman is associated with marrying a prostitute.
  11. When one is given a microphone, they first blow air into it to test whether it can work.
  12. There are some special parts of meat that are always for the husband eg. the gizzard.
  13. Removing shoes when there is mud.
  14. Buying new clothes when its Christmas.
  15. Sweeping the whole compound when one is expecting visitors.
  16. Looking left and right when crossing a one way road.
  17. Women counting chapati after cooking.
  18. Keeping an empty plastic bottle after taking water for future use.
  19. Reserving a special chair for the husband/ father.

Be a Proud African (Ugandan), I Am proud to be African (Richard Ugandan)….. 😆😂

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