The 3 amazing facts about a Giraffe – The Tallest Mammal on Earth

The 3 amazing facts about a Giraffe - The Tallest Mammal on Earth1. Giraffe has the lowest resting time of all the mammals in the world, they use about 4 hours of their time a day, meaning they spend most of their time standing or browsing.

2. Osteophagia. It refers to the behavior of eating bones. Giraffes usually do this to supplement their diet with calcium and phosphorus that their bodies may be lacking. They will often chew bones that are randomly found out in the bush.

3. Geophagy just like many animals, giraffes also consume soil or clay for the same reasons. To acquire essential minerals that their bodies might be lacking, such as salt, iron and zinc. Geophagy and osteophagia is very common in mammals especially ones that rely predominantly on plant food.

Eating clay also helps to bind fungal toxins, endotoxins (internal toxins), toxic chemicals and bacteria, which makes clay an extremely useful medicine for the giraffe.

So in Uganda we only have the Rothschild giraffes, and found in Murchison falls national park. Of which they transferred some to Kidepo Valley National Park and Lake Mburo National Park; because of the large variety of acacia tree which they like to feed on and also to boost the Tourism Conservation in Uganda Today.

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