Uganda Festivals and Events You Should not Miss

Uganda Festivals are much more than just fun events to attend, they are a great way to get to know a country’s culture and mingle with their local people. There are so many music, art and film festivals happening throughout the year across the African continent especially Uganda.

In Uganda there are a whole of festivals that have made it out in the past two years even if the past festivals and events predominantly focused on the country’s growing arts and music scene.

Jazz, hip-hop and live band were at the top of their game in the country and almost all the festivals rotated around that. Till now, the biggest festivals and events are those which showcase the country’s best music, dance and theater.

However, with the steadfast improving tourism sector in Uganda, more festivals and events have been innovated and the already existing ones made better. Below is a list of some of Uganda’s best festivals and events no world trotter deserves to miss.

Bayimba festival.

Usually happening in the third week of September, the Bayimba International festival of the arts is probably Uganda’s biggest multi arts festival. The festival showcases a series of music, dance, drama, film, theater and visual arts from different artists, both the renowned and the upcoming from Uganda and other parts of East Africa. It is the number one consumption of Uganda’s finest arts.

Uganda Festivals and Events You Should not Miss

Pearl of Africa tourism expo.

This is majorly for connecting tour operators and tourists. This is an important platform to raise Uganda as a destination for both domestic and international tourists as well as to network tourism businesses. Different themes are followed each year and organized by THE
Uganda Tourism Board together with the Uganda Wildlife Authority and KCCA.

Nyege Nyege festival.

Nyege Nyege means peace, respect and excess joy, a simple summary of Africans. It is one of the biggest events in Africa, thousands of people from different countries storm Uganda during the days of Nyege Nyege festival. The festival showcases new productions and artists, making a big audience for musicians and artists. This big event also takes place in September and its one that you shouldn’t miss.

Uganda Festivals and Events You Should not MissNamugongo martyrs day.

For religious travelers, this is the biggest you can ever travel for in Uganda. The martyrs day celebrated on 3rd of June every year is a commemoration of the young men who were slaughtered by Kabaka Mwanga’s next man Mukajanga for having faith in God. For the king thought God would take over his kingdom and he ordered that every Christian should be killed. Millions of people from all parts of Uganda and East Africa walk to Namugongo shrine to mourn and pray for the over 20 saints that were killed for faith. The tale behind is the most interesting one that inspires thousands to also join the walk to the shrine. You only have to miss this if you must.

Blankets and wine.

This is one festival that is about fashion, food and fun, it is literary an adults day out. A day for relaxation yet its outdoorsy, a day of fashion statements, food and lots of fun. Blankets and wine is East Africa’s top music experience aimed at exhibiting the best musicians and their genres of Afro based music. People flood the festival with their mats which they lay down and sit as it’s a rest day for adults. Come relax, interact and connect with East Africans at the Blankets and wine festival.

Rolex festival.

This can’t fail to give enough smiles to Rolex lovers. This attracts several people from all over the country and neighboring countries to come and taste on the different types of Rolexes. People eat and nearly drown in this awesome cuisine of Uganda. A Rolex is simply a rolled chapati with different food stuffs, though the most common one is fried eggs rolled in a chapati. However, a Rolex festival exhibits different types of Rolexes. You haven’t tasted a Ugandan Rolex, hit the Rolex festival and be enjoy the fun.

Ekyooto Cultural festival.

This is a three days international cultural festival. It attracts scores of people celebrating Uganda’s diverse culture. It showcases tradition, fashion, cuisines, dances, ornaments and other vital customs that make up the Ugandan culture. Enjoy the story telling and musical performances at the bonfire, a moment of interaction and loads of fun.

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