Tips worth to know about a Chameleon.Tips worth to know about a Chameleon.

A few Tips worth to know about a Chameleon..

  • The egg of the rare Parson’s chameleon is believed to take up to two years to hatch.
  • A chameleon’s tongue can be shot out to an extraordinary length: in some species the tongue is longer than the body.
  • Chameleons seem to prefer running water to still water.
  • The name chameleon means earth lion and comes from the Greek words “chamai” (on the ground, on the earth) and “leon” (lion)
  • Chameleons shed their skin in pieces. How often they shed depends on how quickly they grow.
  • The female Jackson’s Chameleons or best known as the Three horned chameleons are one if not the only one that gives birth to live young ones
  • Chameleons are old world species although one specie was introduced to Hawaii in 1970

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