The Nakayima Tree a Powerful Charms of Uganda’s cultural site.

Having the Nakayima Tree a Powerful Charms. Uganda being dubbed the pearl of Africa, nature was not the only basis, Winston Churchill considered several unique features that were only confined to Uganda and not anywhere else in the world. The ancient forests so impenetrable, the climate so soothing to all forms of nature, the mountains rising so high to the clouds, beautiful landscapes with soaring hills in the background, fresh lakes with waves making sweet melodies and the culture so vast and unique, all make Uganda one point of incredible beauty in Africa.

The Nakayima Tree a Powerful Charms of Uganda's cultural site.
The Nakayima Tree – Uganda’s cultural site.

The republic of Uganda is mostly known for its gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, almost on every mention of mountain gorillas, Uganda comes first. Perhaps most, if not all safaris in Uganda head to nationals parks for wildlife viewing. But Uganda offers more than just wildlife and nature, it has unrivaled cultural encounters. Besides the more than 50 ethnic groups in the country, several cultural sites are distributed in almost every region with even some less known to tourists.When we talk of cultural sites in Uganda, you probably think of the Kasubi tombs, Bulange Mengo palace, Tooro palace, Amabere ga nyina mwiru caves and maybe Ssezibwa falls.

However, this is not all, there are more hidden cultural treasures that would be nice enroute destinations on the way to the golden wonders that are comfortably positioned in the country’s corners.Writing about less known cultural sites, without any doubt, consider the Nakayima tree in Mubende. The tree has existed for over four hundred years dating back to the Chwezi era. It is a rich heritage site that no traveler deserves to miss it.

Oral tradition about the tree has a great hint to Ndahura and the mighty Chwezi dynasty with other historical sites across the country. It is stipulated that before the coming of the Bachwezi, Kamawenge, a muhima sorceress from Butiti settled at Mubende hill. Her two sons later became dominant local leaders that turned the hill into a significant center which later attracted the interest of the Bachwezi, their last leader Ndahura in particular.After the collapse of the Chwezi dynasty, Mubende hill fell back into its former state. The sorceress continued to live here and was frequently possessed with Ndahura’s spirit that was defied as the god of small pox by then. The sorceress later took up the name of Nakayima that was given even to other successive priestesses.

That where is this fig tree got its name; Nakayima, from the princesses of the royal family and also it being a worship center where traditionalists came to pray for whatever they wanted and got it.The estimated 650 year tree has huge buttress roots divided into 18 rooms and four of them belonged to Ndahura the king of the Bachwezi. You might have been to many cultural sites, but if you have not been here, then you haven’t seen the majestic wonders of nature relating to culture.

The tree’s strategic position along Kampala Fort Portal road makes it an all right destination on your way to see the Chimpanzees in Kibale national park or to the western parks of Queen Elizabeth national parks for game viewing or Bwindi impenetrable forest national park for gorillas. For cultural safaris in Uganda, they should all lead to Nakayima tree in Mubende.

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