50+ Summer Holiday Slogans

Summer Holiday Slogans. Summer 2016 is fast approaching in Greece and the tourist season is about to commence and by speaking with quite a few of our clients and looking at their data I suspect that this summer is going to be the last minute one in terms of reservations and bookings due to many reasons.

Summer Holiday SlogansAt Lab3Web we are seeing this change in pattern (last minute holiday reservations) since last summer to be frank. This change of traveller habits has caused a bit of havoc within the local travel industry since they were not all prepared for such a swift and are now looking into hotel marketing as the solution to this change. The only problem is that, hoteliers are looking for instant results from hotel marketing synergies because they are looking into their reservations and are seeing a big drop and panic, they want to fill the gaps without a strategic hotel marketing plan.

Thus, our job as digital marketers is a bit more challenging since it requires immediate action and results, you have to get it right the first time because there is no such hard planning involved and no time really to thoroughly plan and execute a digital marketing campaign for hotels, travel resorts, travel agents etc. Hence we as digital marketers have to come up with our best ideas and the right creative sets in no time literally.

Summer Holiday SlogansSo looking at the current situation I thought I shall put together a list of catchy holiday slogans for the summer that can be used and help hoteliers, marketers, travel agents and anyone else associated within the hospitality industry who plan or execute digital paid marketing campaigns. These summer holiday slogans are traveller focused and are ideal for resorts and tourism spots since can be used for any form of digital advertisement. They are written with love and research and their main goal is to inspire the traveller.

Below you will find a list of summer holiday slogans to be used for digital ads:

  • A whole world on a single island.
  • A signature of excellence.
  • A tradition of excellence.
  • Awaken To A Different World.
  • Beautiful one day, perfect the next.
  • Best under the Greek sky.
  • Better prices. Exceptional people.
  • Beyond Words.
  • Discover a different world…
  • Dream. Explore. Discover.
  • Dreams for all seasons.
  • Enjoy the freedom!
  • Escape completely.
  • Eternally Yours.
  • Even better this year.
  • Even the God’s couldn’t resist!
  • Every day is different.
  • Everything else is in the shade.
  • Exclusive holidays for any traveler.
  • Experience the uncommon element.
  • Experience Variety.
  • Experience true hospitality.
  • Get natural.
  • God’s own country.
  • Happiness on Earth.
  • Inspiring destinations within your reach.
  • Journey at its luxurious best.
  • Just a Smile Away.
  • Let us show you the world!
  • Let your soul and spirit fly.
  • Live your myth in Greece.
  • More than the usual.
  • One aim, excellence.
  • Positively Transforming.
  • Relaxed, friendly and informal.
  • Take a break…You deserve it…
  • The Mediterranean as it once was.
  • The Heartland of the Mediterranean.
  • The Island for All Seasons.
  • The Island of Memories…
  • The Land that Sings.
  • There’s no place like it.
  • Travel with a clear conscience.
  • Unforgettable…That’s what holidays meant to be
  • We live it. You’ll love it.
  • Where family fun begins.
  • Where the sun always smiles.
  • Where the sun smiles and the sea is whispering..
  • You’ll love where we take you.
  • Your kind of place…
  • Your world. Your way.

Feel free to be inspired by the list above that consists summer holiday slogans and share the love. Happy to hear your holiday slogans so if you feel creative and have some real killers please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to share our creative thoughts! And remember, when you use slogans or taglines, use them appropriate and not abuse them, think of the message that you want to communicate and fit accordingly with the right creative set.

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