A female travelling alone in Uganda

More is shared about a female travelling alone in Uganda. So If you are a single woman and planning to travel to Uganda this year or next year or any time. I know it can’t get more uncomfortable in Some Others Countries. but if you have never been to Africa before, so I will be helpful I think, more of the story of captures from some of the girls travelling alone in Uganda.

A female Travelling alone in Uganda, Just something to think about!

Uganda has no problems at all. It is definitely a suitable place for a single female traveller and you will be made to feel most welcome. Naturally, you will get a lot of attention but that’s more because you are white (if you are white!) than because you are female. So with just a quick response “I’m fine, how are you, or thank you but no” it’s all it takes for people just to wish you a nice day.

A female travelling alone in UgandaSometimes someone will fall into step beside you just to chat but a cold shoulder will sort it out. This mostly happens in Kampala and no one will act persistently. I must admit, You will have to find the persistent attention from Boda Boda drivers and matatu taxis irritating as they all pull over as they pass you walking down the street. It’s crazy though.

Also, The attention from children is nice though as they all want to touch you and almost never ask for money which is nice.
One thing to be aware of is giving your mobile number either to individuals or even at hotels etc, once someone gets it, if they like you they will ring you persistently (or “flash” you – ie, ring and hang up in the hope that you will ring them back).

Often they just ring for a chat but it is pretty annoying if it is late at night and you met the person briefly in passing at a hotel reception or something.

A female travelling alone in UgandaDon’t do any travelling after dark alone under any circumstances but maybe there is a chance of using active transfer taxis like SafeBoda, Taxify, and Uber you just download the Applications on your phone and enjoy the Ride. If you have any kind of accident, prepare to pay for help, if you do, you will probably receive great help but if you don’t and if you are in any way vulnerable you may be robbed instead.

Don’t worry about what you wear, They normally say that shorts and short skirts etc were a no-no but that is definitely not the case, wear whatever you would wear at home and it will be fine, you won’t offend anyone, at least, not in towns, maybe if you went to someone’s house for dinner or something it would be different.

But anywhere outside of Kampala We definitely recommend covering up! ESPECIALLY if you go into small towns and villages. Outside of Kampala, you will HARDLY EVER see a woman wearing pants. If you smoke outdoors you will be mistaken for a prostitute even if you are in jeans and an anorak! So it’s better not to smoke in public but wear what you want!

That hustle found in those other countries is really annoying and persistent, you will not meet any of that in Uganda but you do need a lot of common sense.

Africans don’t really understand why you would be travelling alone as a female so best to tell them you are meeting your boyfriend/husband somewhere, or he is in a meeting so you are taking a look at the area. They are just curious and interested in you because you are white and they give you an almost celebrity status. The Ugandans are the friendliest people I have met so just go for it and have a wonderful time.

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