8 Days Luxury Flying Gorilla Kidepo Wildlife Safari

The iconic 8 Days Luxury Flying Gorilla Kidepo Wildlife Safari on a Big Five must-sees on a Ugandan safari and the Mountain Gorilla and Chimpanzee have increasingly become a “bucket list” item for many a traveler to this part of Africa.

This 8 Days Luxury Flying Gorilla Kidepo Wildlife Safari carefully crafted safari takes you on a flying wonder, wings over the mighty river Nile, The largest water body in Africa- Lake Victoria, and over lush vegetation and a tapestry of the forest canopy. What a way to see Uganda…. from above and within the parks!

Day 1: Arrival

Arrive at Entebbe International Airport for the 8 Days Luxury Flying Gorilla Kidepo Wildlife Safari. You will be met and assisted by a safari chapter representative. Transfer Entebbe for overnight at The Boma Hotel (BB)’

8 Days Luxury Flying Gorilla Kidepo Wildlife SafariDay 2: Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Transfer to the Airport for 07:45 hrs departure on the scheduled flight arriving Kisoro at 0930hrs. Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, home of the mountain gorilla. This rainforest is said to be 25.000 years old, making it one of Africa’s most biodiverse habitats. The altitude of this mountain peak ranges from 1200 – to 2600 meters. Five rivers and high annual rainfall make it rather humid.

Besides its major attraction, the mountain gorillas (Gorilla beringei) the National Park is also home to an amazing 120 mammal species, 350 species of birds, 202 species of butterflies, and over 200 species of trees. It is believed that about 350 gorillas remain in several stable groups In the park.

Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge is high up on Nteko Ridge, on the edge of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, with the ultimate goal of protecting the natural habitat of the mountain gorilla, will also directly benefit the community of Nkuringo who also have a significant stake in the venture. Guests will be able to walk from the lodge to the Gorilla tracking starting point.

Overnight: Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge (FB) 2 nights

Day 3: Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Up relatively early for a hearty breakfast to give you the energy needed for your gorilla trek. Before 8 am report to the ranger station for registration and a talk by one of the rangers; the guides will then take you through the bush pushing your way through the undergrowth, parting thick creepers, to track the gorillas.

The trek can take from half an hour to 7 hours – a reasonable degree of fitness is required as well as a sturdy pair of walking shoes. Once you are close to the group the guides will ask you to leave behind your bags as no food items should be carried close to the gorillas. Just take your cameras with you as you are about to meet the gentle giants! Sit in the forest amongst the gorillas, listening to them grumble to each other and marvel at the sheer size of the dominant male; the silverback. It is an extraordinary feeling sitting in the dense rainforest knowing you are with a few of the last remaining mountain gorillas – sadly enough there are only about 650 of these beautiful creatures left.

You are allowed exactly one hour with the gorillas before returning to the base station. Please note: please listen to the instructions of the local rangers at all times. It is forbidden to approach the gorillas closer than 5 meters, to feed them, or to use flash photography. Likewise for your and their safety! You will be accompanied by armed guards who guarantee your safety in an area where wild buffaloes are sighted. While walking, please feel free to ask guides to slow down if they are going too fast and if you need a rest.

There is an additional option to hire porters on-site. The Uganda Wildlife Authority does not allow trekking when you are sick as gorillas are very susceptible to human diseases. Should you feel sick the day of the trek we urgently advise you to abide by this rule. In order to receive a 50% refund of the permit cost, you MUST get a doctor’s report that day (please ask your guide to arrange this for you).

We must also stress that, while you have a very good chance of seeing gorillas, success is NOT guaranteed. They are wild creatures with no fixed routine and finding them requires the skills and experience of your tracker sand guides, as well as luck. The trackers and guides have helped to habituate the gorilla groups and know them intimately. They will take you to the area where they left the gorillas the day before. Before leaving they may be able to suggest how long the hike might be.

8 Days Luxury Flying Gorilla Kidepo Wildlife SafariDay 4: Transfer to Kidepo Valley National Park

After breakfast your guide will drive to the airstrip for your scheduled flight to Entebbe at 09:30 hrs, arriving at Entebbe at 11:55 hrs to connect with the scheduled flight to Kidepo Valley National Park at 13:00 hrs arriving at Kidepo NP at 14:45 hrs.

Apoka Safari Lodge is located in the middle of Kidepo Valley National Park. It offers ten big tented rooms with hardwood floors, hot running water (solar heated), and comfy furniture located around a dramatic rocky kopje each with the most astounding views out across the plains to the jagged mountains in the distance.

Overnight: Apoka Safari Lodge 3 nights (FB)

Day 5: Kidepo Valley National Park

Game drives and walks at Apoka are directed by nature not time! Take a walking safari along a sandy dry river bed fringed with palm trees, climb to the top of a rocky outcrop and take in the views! We move slowly along isolated tracks to fully appreciate all around us, looking for tracks and signs of the animals’ movements we can stop at any point to investigate further. We may take a walk to track the lions, or even cheetah, always surrounded by Zebra, Waterbuck, Jackson’s Hartebeest, Warthogs, Patas monkeys, and big herds of Buffalo.

8 Days Luxury Flying Gorilla Kidepo Wildlife SafariDay 6: Community Visit at Kidepo Valley National Park

Today relax in your outdoor bathtub under the stars and take a dip in our big rock swimming pool overlooking the savannah and a waterhole frequently visited by animals before having dinner at the main building. We will also visit the Lorikul local community to see how they live and also enjoy local dances.

Day 7: Pineapple Bay

Depart Kidepo by scheduled flight at 14:20 hrs arrive at Entebbe at 15:50 hrs, and transfer to Pineapple Bay for lunch. Take guided nature walks on the island. Overnight at Pineapple Bay (FB)

Day 8: Flying Back Home

Transfer for your flight out.

End of 8 Days Luxury Flying Gorilla Kidepo Wildlife Safari

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