2 Days Tree Climbing Lions Safari Ishasha in Queen Elizabeth National Park

We highly promote our 2 Days Tree Climbing Lions Safari in Ishasha hopefully because commonly it’s the 2 Area where Lions are seen rampantly climbing up the trees depending on the unknown reasons of Nature and the Environment.

So the one is in Uganda Called Ishasha Sector on the Southern Park of Queen Elizabeth bounded by Congo. Hopefully, in this Ishasha sector, there are high chances of finding jungle kings up the trees that are only based on the luck of the day; so it’s not a must that we will find them.

Details of a 2 Days Tree Climbing Lions Safari Ishasha

  • 2 Tree Lion Search Game Drives
  • Thrilling Nature Views
  • Creators and Salt Lake Views
  • Ishasha River Hippo Views
  • Equator Stop

2 days Tree climbing lions safari IshashaDay 1: Drive to Ishasha Sector with an Equator Stop.

Alright! depending on our expertise, the driver will link up with you at your Hotel or Residence by 7:00 am. Then drive to Queen Elizabeth along the Equator road.

So stop at the Equator for quick photos and also an instant coffee for the rest of the journey. Afterward, continue to Mbarara Milk Town for lunch at Agip Hotel.

After lunch, then proceed to the Southern Sector of Queen Elizabeth for an Amazing  Sunset Evening Game Drive to look out for the Lions in the Trees and other animals like Topis, Buffaloes, Leopards, Elephants, Antelopes, and Much more.

Day 2: Morning Game drive and drive back to Kampala.

Early in the Morning, get a quick coffee cup with breakfast at the lodge and leave for a morning wildlife Search Game drive. Here you expect to see different kinds of Antelopes, Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Hippos, Birds, and Much more. Afterward, check out of the park and drive to Mbarara Milk Town for Lunch. Then Kampala or Entebbe later in the Evening.

End of 2 days Tree Climbing lions safari Ishasha Trip.

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