What to do and see in Entebbe

What to do and see in Entebbe. Uganda being one of those countries with diverse landscapes even encompassing the snow capped Rwenzori Mountains of the moon and Lake Victoria which is the largest freshwater lake in Africa, is one of the first considered countries when travelers think of an African safari.

If not all, probably most Uganda safaris head to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park for the endangered mountain gorillas because it’s the most selling tourism product that furnishes closest encounters with the mighty apes.

Or maybe other safaris in Uganda head to Kibale forest national park for the chimps and wildlife in either Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo valley or Murchison falls national park. Still travelers wish to visit the different communities to experience the unique cultures of Uganda.

What to do and see in Entebbe Ngamba Island Pictures found in different regions of Uganda.Have a City Tour in Uganda (What to do and see in Entebbe)

Most travelers visiting Uganda have not so much considered having city tours in Uganda. This is probably because they feel cities would perhaps be like their home cities. But African cities are way far different, the local setting, the architecture, the people, the food, the store, almost everything is simply a new experience.

Talking about city tourism in Uganda, immediately Kampala the capital city comes in mind, it being the home of the Uganda museum, the base for Bahai temple, the only one of its kind in Africa, Owino down town market, where you can’t fail to get a thing, the Gaddafi mosque and so many other amazing wonders of the city.

Few travelers have taken the initiative to tour around Entebbe city, it being the country’s major entry and exit, with the sole international airport in Uganda. Most of the travelers just pass through it to Uganda’s most remote areas.

A short trip in Entebbe gives a perfect introduction to the unimaginable beauties of the pearl of Africa. A city located on a peninsula in Lake Victoria in Central Uganda, homes so much that a tourist can barely finish in just a one day trip, however even an excursion offers great opportunities to is cover some of Entebbe’s uncovered attractions.

The city’s position on the shores of Lake Victoria makes it the best town for relaxation in Uganda. For travelers that need to sunbathe, relax and swim, Entebbe has an array of interesting beaches, including White sand beach, Aero beach, Lido beach and Imperial resort beach plus many other nice hang out places.

Still visit the fish villages like Kasenyi for fishing safaris. Learn to fish the local way, eat fresh fish in large quantity, as much as you want at a relatively cheap price. Experience the way of life of the fishermen and fishmongers here, the experience is simply superb.

Entebbe still has the only remaining natural forest in the middle of the city;

Ziika forest.

It is one of the major attractions in the town and not so far away from the airport. The forest has a numerous bio diversity of swamps, grasslands as well as different forest types spreading to Lake Victoria. expect to see more than 100 tree species and other small mammal species like monkeys. Whether on your way to or from the airport, Zika forest would be a perfect stop over.

The most visited place in Entebbe is the Uganda wildlife Education center. This was once a zoo and then turned into a wildlife education centre. If not all, then almost all tourists in Entebbe have visited UWEC. Its refuge home for abandoned animals like the lions, cheetahs, leopards, monkeys, giraffes and so many others. One can say that Uganda’s wildlife is summarized here, it’s the brief introduction to the thrilling wildlife of Uganda.

Another place that any traveler shouldn’t miss while in Entebbe is the;
Ngamba Island Chimpanzee sanctuary.

It is one of the archipelago of the 84 Ssese islands on Lake Victoria, located just 23 kilometers away from the lake shores. It is a refuge home for orphaned chimps from all over the world.

Chimp habituation is the major activity here, and for primate lovers, it’s the perfect place. A trip that has transport means as an attraction itself. Indeed, if ever thought of a short city tour in Uganda, Entebbe town should be considered for marvelous experiences in Uganda.

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