Things to know for your visit to Kenya 🇰🇪

Kenya is an amazing country with vast landscapes, cultures and super friendly and kind people.

Like all countries- it’s good to be prepared and informed for your trip!

Here are some important things to know if you plan on visiting Kenya: ❤️

– You need a visa! If you’re visiting Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda you can get the East African visa! Buy online before you arrive!

– 🗣 Primary languages are Swahili and English. (Jambo- hello)

– 💧 Tap water is not safe to drink! Buy bottled water.

– 🐘 Safaris are incredible and a must do! If you want to see the great migration, visit between July- September/October.

– The roads are often full of potholes, animals and many other obstacles- making most rides feel like a rollercoaster! Bring sickness medication 😂

– 🌧 When it rains- it rains! Within minutes the whole road is flooded and can be up to your knees! 😯

– Bartering is accepted so use your haggling skills to get the best deals!

– 🚫Kenya has a ban on single use plastic!

– If you’re going to stay for a while- download M-pesa and sign up via a local sim card. It is used everywhere to pay for anything and will make your life much easier!

– 📱 Internet is terrible, your best bet is a local sim card. Buy one at! Take your passport along to get started!

– 💉 Get any injections before travelling and also malaria tablets.

– 🏖 The beaches on the coast are beautiful but be prepared for the beach boys pestering you to buy things/take tours!

– 🦟 Bring protection against mosquitos!

– Remember your power bank for safari! Most lodges only have electricity for a couple of hours a day!

– 🚗 Traffic is chaos in the cities- they appear to make their own rules up- there any no lanes and cars will overtake by off-roading! I wouldn’t recommend driving unless you’re confident!

– 🛺 Uber is used in most of the towns/cities. The cheapest way of getting around for short journeys is tuk tuk or🏍 !

– 💰 The currency is Kenyan shillings. 1 shilling is around 66p!

– If you plan on visiting the local villages/tribes, bring toys or sweets for the kids- they always ask! ❤️

Hakuna Matata 👍🏻👍🏻