Some things that the last king of Scotland never showed in their movie about Uganda.

UGANDA is a country almost divided into 2 by the mighty equator.

No country on the Continent has as many rivers and lakes as Uganda. Google.

Uganda too has 53.9% of the world’s population of mountain Gorillas

It has the big 5 something the last king of Scotland never showed.

It has the source to the longest river in the World, The Nile.

The Nile comes out of the world’s largest tropical lake, Lake Victoria but locally called Nalubale.

Kabalega falls also called Murchison falls are the most powerful water falls on earth.

Uganda small as its, has 1078 species of birds, which is 52% of Africa’s species and 11% of the world’s  wild species.

Kibale national park for example is called the world capital of primates. Can’t find a concentration of Primates anywhere in world like in that park.

Can never eat a pinapeaple anywhere as sweet as one in Uganda.

The most friendly people you can ever encounter on earth and trust me on this.

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