Sempaya hot springs (Semuliki National Park).

The Sempaya Hot Springs are found in the western part of Uganda in a district called Bundibugyo. Before we go any further, someone could ask themselves! What is a Hot Spring?

Sempaya Hot Springs
Sempaya hot springs in “Semuliki National Park”

A hot spring is a spring produced as a result of the emergence of geothermally heated groundwater that rises from the Earth’s crust. The Sempaya Hot Springs are another Top interesting tourist attraction in the Semuliki National Park.

Besides the endlessly beautiful God blessed Wildlife in the gazetted National Park, the Sempaya Hot Springs have an impact on the number of tourists that come in here, how would one visit the park and miss out the Hot Springs?

The Sempaya Hot Springs consist of steamy water jetting out of the ground with a strong pungent smell of hydrogen sulphide, boiling at 103 degrees Celsius.

However there are two Hot Springs in the park; the Female commonly known as Nyasimbi by the locals and the male known as the Mumbuga.

A local group of people called the Bamanga take the hot springs to be so sacred because they believe there are gods that stay at this place and they believe it’s existence is all about them.

Because they believe the gods here are female, Pregnant women come and pray for safe deliveries while others come and pray for fertility so as to get ease in finding pregnancy. Sacrifices and offerings are made at these hot springs in form of slaughtering animals and throwing coins in the springs. Besides that, at these boiling springs, edibles like eggs, cassava, banana and others are put to boil into the springs.

At the male hotsprings, (Mumbuga) here men dominate the place. Like women believe the gods are at the Female springs, the men too believe the gods of wealth are at the male spring and here they do worship so as the gods to favour them too. Other people believe that the salty waters here are a cure to skin infections so they use it for that case.

Sempaya Hot Springs
Sempaya hot springs (Semuliki National Park).
Semuliki National Park has other beauties to offer to anyone that visits this place.

At the Mungilo waterfalls, bird lovers out there have a variety of singing and whistling birds all around the place that the love to watch and enjoy them gears up instantly.

For Example; you’ll see the: black dwarf hornbill, the yellow-throated nicator and shining blue kingfisher, actually about 400 species are at this place.

The park also has a variety of mammals like; grey-cheeked mangabeys, red-tailed monkeys and the black-and-white colobus monkeys, leopards, elephants, civet, chimps, pygmy antelopes, buffalo, bush baby and scaly tailed flying squirrel and many more.

Ever think of Visiting the Pearl of Africa (Uganda), hope you include this on your preference list of destinations.

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