Hot Air Balloon Safaris Tours in Uganda

Some of our guests opt for Game drives, some can just afford boat cruises, and then some dares for the Hot Air Balloon Safaris. Life Is what you make it. And no one should Neff cos you paid $380 (1.4M Ugx) for it and lounged on a champagne bush breakfast.

Balloon Safaris in Uganda remain one of the unique and luxurious ways to experience wildlife and nature in Uganda. Best done as a honeymoon activity, or when celebrating an anniversary or on any given day of your week, just because you can!

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Here are some facts about the balloon tours in Uganda.

Currently operating in Murchison Falls National Park; Operated by Dream Balloons with Paraa Safari Lodge (Marasa) being the contracted agent with the Cost from as low as 925K for EA without Bush breakfast.

For 1.4M Ugx per person, you get a lavish sunrise continental bush breakfast served by Paraa Safari lodge professional chefs in the bush. The bush breakfast is secured with rangers provided by UWA. Transfer from Paraa to the Balloon set-off point and a mini-game drive upon return to Paraa Lodge is included.

The Hot air balloon pilots go through the Ugandan and Egyptian Aviation Authorities for certification before they are accepted to operate these balloons. Safety all the way, every day!

The hot air balloon can fly up to a height of 10,000 ft above sea level however for visibility, flights are maintained at treetop levels to offer opportunities to enjoy the different games in the park. The pilot then elevates to a maximum of 1000 ft (about 330m) above ground level which provides visibility a 360 view of the whole park, the Murchison Falls, or Lake Albert.

If not staying with Paraa Lodge, the Boat crossing from Southern bank to the meeting point is free of charge. Vehicle transportation can be arranged at extra costs. But Why Not stay at Paraa?

In addition to using professional Pilots with 1000+ hrs of experience, Flight insurance fully secures and covers passengers, third parties, the balloon, and the pilot.

The Balloon, pilots, and crew are fully Licensed by the Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority under the strict regulation of ICAW to operate Hot air balloons. They are also licensed by NEMA, and other general licensing and governing bodies.

Note: Passengers are awarded a participating certificate.

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