Hiking Mount Bisoke ⛰

(Everything you need to know)

Mount Bisoke is a 3711m dormant volcano located in the Volcanoes national park on the border of Rwanda and DRC.

⏰ Time – How long does it take?

– One day hike- can take between 2-4 hours ascend and 2 hours descend depending on your level of fitness.

🥾 Difficulty

– It is a steep hike and with the altitude it is tough, but doable.

💰 How much does it cost?

– You need to organise a driver 🚗 to take you from the park to the start of the trail and back after you finish. ($50 dollars from Musanse return)

– Rapid covid test to enter the park $5 pp.

– To enter the national park you must pay the fees/permit- $75 USD per person.

– This will include a guide and armed guards. You can also pay for a porter if necessary to help with your bags or pull you up 😂

🐒 Will I see animals?

The park is home to many wildlife species including the mountain gorillas 🦍, monkeys 🐒, buffalos 🐃 and elephants. If you’re lucky you can spot the gorillas 🦍 whilst on the trail, although you won’t be allowed to spend much time with them as you didn’t pay the ‘gorilla tracking’ permit price 🤫 but still a great opportunity to see them! 🙂

✅ What do I need to take?

– Hiking boots
– Walking poles (useful for the way down)
– Packed lunch to eat at the summit 🙂
– Camera/phone for pictures

🛌 Where to stay?

– Volcano view guesthouse in Musanse 🙂 awesome guesthouse, clean, friendly staff and great breakfast!

📌 Save for a great day hike whilst in Rwanda