Interesting Facts you must know about the Lion.

The Facts you must know about a lion, the jungle king in uganda and Africa at large. Usually The King of the Jungle has a number of interesting facts you could not want to miss on reading.

Facts you must know about a lion, the jungle king in uganda
The Male Lion – “The King Of the Jungle in the Wild”

After reading these, Am sure when you ever get to see a lion, one, two or three of these facts will come back to your mind in no minute.

  • A lion can run upto a speed of 80km/h. Mostly you’ll notice this running ability once you ever find the hunt for prey comes. Running after it’s prey.
  • The roar of a lion can be heard from as far as 5 miles about (8 kilometers) from where it’s blown. Indeed the king has really a loud roar.
  • A Lion can spend 5-6 days without drinking water this is because of the moisture and water it gets from the prey.
Facts you must know about a lion, the jungle king in uganda
The Female Lions – “Her Queen who always Hunts for the Pride”
  • Of all big cats, Lions are the most sociable. They live together in groups or prides and a pride can hold about 15 lions.
  • A Male lion can sleep for 20 hours in a day, it is also known as the “king of the Jungle” but they only live in grasslands and plains.
  • The mane of the male Lions reflects its age. The darker the mane, the older it is and vice versa.
  • Males are responsible for protecting their territories and the Females are responsible for hunting food. And males will only come in once the prey is too strong for the females.

I thought you would love to know this too;

This is what what makes lions SPECIAL among all other big cats.

The mane of the male lion is a distinctive characteristic of lions as no other big cats have them. The mane makes males lions appear larger, thus allowing them to be more intimidating.

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