Best Gorilla Trekking Safaris in Uganda & Rwanda

Top Better Reasons why you should visit Rwanda on a Vacation

Reasons why you should visit Rwanda on a Vacation, Africa is one continent that all world geographers have accepted that it is truly a beautiful place for safaris, relaxation and adventure. From the unique wildlife species that have not been spotted anywhere except Africa, sprawling savannas, endless flowing rivers so long, people so hospitable and climate too cool, it is truly a paradise that everyone should explore.

Though, the beauty in Rwanda is extremely awesome. It is one that sums up Africa’s magnificence is a pocket sized country bordered with a thousand hills traversed with countless rivers and lakes, Rwanda is indeed a world class destination.

Rwanda surely has countless attractions that can never cease to amaze any traveler. From the beautiful people, probably the most beautiful girls you will ever see in Africa, varying landscapes, huge freshwater lakes, cultures so unique, Rwanda is surely a must visit destination for any curious traveler.

And if you have been doubting your safari in Rwanda, here are some reasons why you should visit Rwanda on a Vacation.

Top Better Reasons why you should visit Rwanda on a Vacation#1: Mountain gorillas. (Memorable Life Tracking Experience)

This pocket sized country is blessed enough to be among the only three African countries that are homes to the remaining total population of these endangered apes. This is the most attracting activity to the land of a thousand hills. Trekking the gorillas is done in Volcanoes national park and it can be done throughout the whole year, though the best time to trek would be in the dry season. Trekking the gorillas is one of the most thrilling activities in a lifetime, having up close encounters is something that cannot easily be forgotten. You should visit Rwanda on a Vacation

#2: Chimpanzees. (Getting a close gap to our 99% Human Apes)

Unlike the mountain gorillas, these are not so endangered, but are our closest cousins in the forest. Rwanda safaris furnish great opportunities to trek the chimps in their natural forests, to watch them play with each other, feed as well as carry on their daily lives. Travelers to Rwanda can either trek or habituate these chimps for the best experiences they can ever have in Africa. Chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda involves walking through the thick forest in search of the beautiful primates in Nyungwe forest national park.

#3: Wildlife safaris (Where Savanna Game Drives Safaris Rule with a Great Big Five).

These are currently done in Akagera national park. It is the only savannah park in Rwanda and it offers the best game drive experiences in the country. Have never known of a tourist who stormed Akagera and left without spotting the warthogs, elephants, zebras, oribis, topis, monkeys, giraffes and so many others, you can never go wrong here about wildlife. It is one park where you immediately start spotting species in just the first few minutes of the game drive. You should visit Rwanda on a Vacation

#4: The Chained Volcanoes. (Mountaineering Safaris and Adventures of Hikes)

Rwanda is still one of the countries that share the chained Virunga volcanoes by Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. More than three volcanoes in this chain proudly dwell in Rwanda, all these furnishing the some of the best hiking experiences in Africa. Talk of Sabinyo, Muhavura, Bisoke, Huye and Karisimbi mountains, Rwanda is surely the land of a thousand hills.

#5: Canopy walks. (Appreciating Nature with Heights)

Rwanda is the only country in East Africa that offers canopy walks. It is done in Nyungwe forest national park and it involves walking at the top of trees, watching countless primates like baboons, monkeys and sometimes even chimps. Walking through the forest at six meters high above the ground is all something else that cannot easily be explained in words but rather just experienced.

Top Better Reasons why you should visit Rwanda on a Vacation Rwanda Culture dance#6: Cultural tours to Supplement & visit Rwanda on a Vacation.

A country that is so full of cultural diversity, with three different ethnics, the Hutu, Tutsi and the Twa. All these are beautiful cultures with different beliefs traditions and dances. The best place one can encounter all the three Rwandan cultures in the Ibyawachu cultural village, one that displays the diversity that has not been found anywhere else. Cultural performances and a taste of the local cuisines is a guarantee, except to the ones that don’t wish to.

  • Musanze caves
  • Kigali genocide memorial
#7: Kigali city tour and its delicious food

The list gets completed by the delicacies that Rwanda has to offer. From brochettes to ugali to mandazi, Rwanda has an incredible array of foods that will make your mouth salivate. While the country incorporates cooking styles from other east African countries, it also manages to create fantastic combinations that are uniquely Rwandan. So all in all you should visit Rwanda on a Vacation

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