4 Days Serengeti Tarangire Wildlife Safari

On a 4 Days Serengeti Tarangire Wildlife Safari in Kilimanjaro and has progressed until now he has an amazing company for all the attractions – Mount Mero, Mount Kilimanjaro and of course Safari.

Day 1: Arusha for Trangiri 7:30

The jeep picked me up from the hotel and I knew the guide David, Chef Doula and the rest of the group. The ride took about two and a half hours. We saw hordes of elephants, huge flocks of about 30 elephants in the band, and many more animals, a beautiful park! Stop for lunch and continue to Game Drive. Exit the park at 4:30 pm Campsite and indulgent dinner with dessert + dessert.

Day 2: from Campsite to Serengeti Reserve.

Breakfast and departure at 08:00. We stopped for a look at the Ngorongoro Crater – its beauty mad! We entered the Ngorongoro Reservation and from there on to Serengeti we saw a huge flock of animals traveling! Stop for lunch and continue to Game Drive in Serengeti.

By 6pm back to Campsite the tents are already ready and sitting down for dinner.

Tent accommodation inside the park! A crazy experience to hear at night painted and lions !!

Day 3: Game Drive Serengeti and drive to Ngorongoro Crater.

Light breakfast and getting started .. We left at 6:20 to watch the mad sunrise !! The guide found the perfect tree for the sunrise picture, good morning !! We saw the Big 4 except Rhino, full of different predators and herds of herbivores and birds and several different birds!

At noon, she returned to Campsite for brunch. Departing from Serengeti traveling to the crater and arriving in the evening, the tents are already ready and waiting for us, there is time for some fresh refreshment and everyone sits down for a pampering dinner.

Day 4: Ngorongoro crater for Arusha.

Light breakfast and getting started .. We set off at 6:30 to watch another amazing sunrise, I fell in love with this multitude of wildlife everywhere, lots of lions and lions and even a lion that came too close. And we saw 6 rhinos !!!!

Back at 12:30 to Campsite for brunch. On a trip to Arusha we stopped in the village of the Masai tribe for traditional dances and to see their way of life, fascinating!

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