There are over 50 tribes in Uganda 🇺🇬 😯

The Batwa tribe are an indigenous tribe who lived in the jungle for thousands of years until 1991 when they were evicted. They were forced to resettle just outside the forest in Bwindi and still continue many of the same traditions and ways of living.

🍃 Living deep in the jungle they were fully self-sufficient and relied fully on the rainforest for their existence!😯

👨 Men lived a Hunter lifestyle,  using bow and arrows 🏹 and snares for hunting, capturing prey and protecting themselves.

👩🏼 Women collected wild honey, fruits and berries and were in charge of cooking. The typical food was a kind of bread made from a type of grain mixed with water.

🏠 The typical houses are made from mud and cow dung 🐮 💩

Beds 🛌 are made from wood and grass and the blankets are tree bark.

👚Clothes- made from animal fur/skin which they hunted.

Due to living in the forest under the canopies with lack of sunlight, the Batwa tribe are one of the shortest tribes in Africa. ❤️

🌟 Such an interesting day visiting the tribe and learning about their way of life!

Have you ever visited a tribe? 🙃