About us

For Qualified Tours – Gorilla & Chimp Tours – Uganda Safaris – Rwanda Safaris – Experiecial Safaris – Solo Travelers – Family Tours – Group Conducted Tours – Wildlife Experience – Natural Environment Conservation

Today, Wild Travel Safaris is Private Tour Operator Company Licensed and Certified by the Local Government of Uganda, Under the constitutional terms and Conditions determining the Trading of Tourism Packages of Uganda and it’s Neighbouring Countries.

Our major scale of operations is to Practise Expertise Guidance and Transportation of Travelers into East Africa’s Destinations so as to Explore and Discover the most alluring Destinations.

Offering plenty of information about; Luxury Safari Lodges, Budget Camping Sites, Family Travel Needs, Honeymoons HideOuts, Rafting Adventures, Nature Walks, Primate Search, Birding and Cultural Tours, Road Trips, City Tours, Night Drives. All in all to Create with you ‘Memories’.

Profession and Experience

Wild Travel Safaris also operates fully with other Tourism bodies around Association of Uganda Tour Operators, Uganda Wildlife Authority, Uganda Tourism Board, and Uganda Association of Travel Agents. Wild Travel Safaris the company is able to provide all the information and services as represented on SafariBookings.

Quality Service Delivery

With Wild Travel Safaris, we also assure you of Quality services.

  • Starting right away from the Travel Arrangements.
  • Drive using Pop up roof 4WD safari Vehicles, with Air Conditioner and enough leg room.
  • Also book for you accommodation facilities in convenient and Eco-friendly places of your choice.

Honesty in Service Delivery

At Wild Travel Safaris, we also deliver exactly what we promise to our clients at a rate that is fair. We also DO NOT make empty promises to our clients as we also still, offer services beyond expectation in a friendly and professional manner. Try us today for the best time in & around.

Customer Service Management Skills

Our team has also got a highly professional staff that understands our customer needs. And also the staffs are so friendly and ready to help you satisfy your travel needs; then make your safari a thrilling experience. All you need is just to still tell us your travel needs; we then make all the arrangements to suit your personal needs.

Reliability of Wild Travel Safaris

When dealing with Wild Travel Safaris, get assured of a reliable information regarding your travel needs, the reason why we are trusted. As our staff is able to update and send you information on a time basis of your travel plans. itravelnet.com – Travel directory.

Our Range of Services

  • Tailor-made Safaris
  • Adventure Memorable Tours
  • Gorilla Safaris
  • Chimpanzee trekking safaris
  • Wildlife & Nature Safaris
  • Mountain Adventurous Climbing
  • Car hire & rentals services
  • Bird Watching Tours
  • Fishing Trips
  • Night Club Excursion