1 day mabamba swamp birding shoebill safari tour

1 Day mabamba swamp birding shoebill safari tour, a birding excursion tour for shoebill safaris on Mabamba Swamp Wetland Bay and Uganda Birders’ Destination, the Pearl of Africa, 1 Day Mabamba Swamp Tour rides on a Canoe Boat

The 1 day mabamba swamp birding shoebill safari tour, a birding excursion tour in search of the Shoebills and lots of rare Bird Species.We always do this tour while riding on the Canoe Boat. Mabamba Swamp Wetland is one of the Bird spotting areas in Uganda; commonly with different bird watching spots; a 1 Day Mabamba Swamp Tour Compared to other tourist destinations in Uganda. It’s also famous for its habitat of the Shoebill Stork, Saddle-billed Stork, African Jacana, Malachite Kingfisher and much more.

1 day mabamba swamp birding shoebill safari tourDetails on how to visit on a 1 day mabamba swamp tour;

After Morning breakfast, our driver on a 1 Day Mabamba Swamp Tour; will drive you to the mabamba site. This Birding expedition tour is on canoes in the undamaged swamp channels of wetland site attractions. This brings chances to spot the Shoebill and other birds like the Saddle billed Stork, African Jacana, Malachite Kingfisher, dwellers and much more. So the tactic is, to see the Shoebill, you have to look out in the atmospheres and down on the wetland. You will also see other bird species like the; Papyrus Gonolek, White-winged-Warbler, Northern Brown-throated Weaver, yellow-backed weaver, Blue-headed Coucal and other swamp inhabitants.

Afterwards, your bird watching adventure. On the same canoe, use it to ride back on the land then transfer back to either Kampala or Entebbe.

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